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Shannon Phoenix author of the Guardian of the Abyss

I get asked sometimes where I come up with my ideas. The standard answer is very simple, "I made it up."

It's really a lot more complicated than that. Naturally, I must insert the caveat here that all of the rest of what I have to say is fiction. It is, of course, is it not? One can only suspend so much disbelief, before we begin rolling our eyes and shrugging our shoulders.

So just remember, it's fiction. What else could it be?

I've already blogged on my Supernatural Diaries blog about how I met the people whose story is told in Guardian of the Abyss, so I won't belabor that here. Instead, since somewhere along the line (hopefully soon), I'll finish Lincoln and Ivory's tale, I'd like to tell you how I met them.

The night they arrived was stormy. My daughter was fast asleep and my husband deeply ensconced in the office with a computer game. The wind raked against the eaves of my house like tendrils of uncertainty as I tried to brush my staticky hair back into place.

They did as I'd asked and knocked rather than ringing the doorbell. The lovely woman who informs me that another 'guest' is on the way had warned me that Ivory is one of the most powerful people in the world. Not in the way that we figure power, but more in a 'can light your pants on fire without a match' kind of powerful. It was kind of her to inform me, really... because I was about wetting myself before she even knocked now that I knew she was not only powerful, but a bit capricious, too. Supposedly she had changed, but everyone was still a little skeptical, as I understand it.

I opened the door and let her inside. She was pale, with dripping blond hair and warm hazel eyes. I was surprised to see the gentle strength that seemed to hum in her entire demeanor. She wasn't very frightening in person. I got her a towel to repair the damage the storm had done to her hair.

In the way that the gargoyles have, Lincoln appeared beside her a moment later. He was dressed in a coppery button-down shirt and a pair of coppery dress slacks. Oddly enough, it was him that intimidated me more than she did. He stared at me until she jabbed him in the side with an elbow. Then he--I think--tried to smile. "I'm Lincoln, and this is my wife, Ivory," he greeted me.

He held out his hand and I was forced to shake it, despite the fluttering in my belly that told me to run for the hills screaming. He was warm, so he was obviously at full power.

I led them down to what passes for a basement in our house and we all sat down, I in the big stuffed chair and they on the wide divan. I got out my notepad and my pen, glad to be across the room from the intimidating gargoyle. It's one thing to write about them, but it's another to have one weighing down your sofa.

They told their story, interrupting and correcting each other as they went. If he didn't look like a big (albeit moving) copper statue, they could have been any typical couple trying to tell a story. I called a break part-way through and offered them drinks. Once that was settled, I asked them to continue.

I have to say that in the beginning, not to spoil the book too much... but I didn't really like Ivory once the story began. I worried that readers wouldn't like her, either. And you know what? I'm probably right.

But when the story was over, my head was reeling. It was difficult to reconcile the woman across from me, crying into a tissue just like I've done many times... with the incredible person they'd just told me about. More than that, I saw the look on Lincoln's face.

He is utterly devoted to her. What they share is unlike anything the rest of us will ever know. Yet I don't envy them, because what they went through to get there was beyond catastrophic.

It's a good thing it's all fiction, though... right?  

Guardian of the Abyss
Supernatural Singles

Shannon Phoenix

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 127

Book Description:

Buried at sea by the sorcerers who created him, Abaddon is unable to heal himself and unable to replenish his energy. He has lived here for longer than he can remember, with no hope of escape. Time is against him as the sea eats away at him, body and soul.

When her diving partner tries to kill her to take over her company, Sarah finds herself trapped beneath the waves and dying. Having brought light to Abaddon's dark existence at last, only she can grant him the courage to do what must be done to escape his watery prison.

Abaddon must sacrifice his wings to save her. Sarah must come to terms with being trapped with someone she has been raised to believe is a demon, and face the betrayal that nearly destroyed her and the company she built. Together, they must take on the ocean and their own fears. The consequence of failure is death.

About the Author:

Shannon Phoenix always wrote stories. She watched the characters take on their lives within her mind, and began to write down what they were doing. She would write the stories and then let them go. But a few years ago, she got caught writing those stories. You know... those stories. 

To her surprise, the person who found her stories loved her characters as much as Shannon did. She tentatively allowed others to read the stories, as well, and it was from that first foray into the scary world of letting others read her 'little tales' that Shannon Phoenix Books was born.
Shannon lives in New Hampshire with her husband John, her daughter, and their family cat, Song. Her full time job is parenting, her part time job is as a mother's helper to a family friend, and her passion is letting the characters in her mind out on paper--or keyboard, as the case may be.

Welcome to Shannon Phoenix Books. May you find the magic in your own life.

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