Monday, December 10, 2012

Jaded Rein

Jaded Rein by A. G. Chambers

What I liked best was the interaction between the team members, it was believable. And the story was entertaining. The team consists of assassins and Jade and Rein are the best of the best when compared to other for hire assassins. I liked the futuristic feel of the story too with the modified cars and weapons. The doppelgänger counterparts were well played too. 

What I didn't like was that even though the story was good there are too many editing issues and I don't want to give it a negative review. This one is so hard for me to review! I almost put it down twice but pushed through it anyway because I thought the story itself was very good. Ms. Chambers started off writing a novel and somehow changed her style along the way to match - maybe the way she speaks? There were many sections I needed to read more then once in order to understand what the she was communicating and that takes away from the story for me.

Keep your eyes on A. G. Chambers I believe she is going to write some really good science fiction romance novels once she finds a good editor who fits her style?

The overview...

"Dark Angel meets X-Men meets James Bond. Jaded Rein is a cleverly seductive, yet sophisticated, thriller set in a futuristic scene with a killer twist. A highly recommended read" - Lotus Magma 

In a world where Doppelgangers roam freely with their human counterparts a new war has begun; finding the scammers in a condition barely in its infancy. The government can't tackle what they do not know how to handle - and that's where Jade's team comes in.Made up of DP's with different replicating abilities, Jade's team seeks to quietly dispose of what the government's made a mess of. But this time there are stakes involved. Tasked with the contract of taking down an Intel DP cult that has taken Stratford as hostage, Jade must put aside her personal feelings and recruit Rein - the most cunning Intel on the scale - in order to get the job done.

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