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Maralee Lowder

Guest Post by Maralee Lowder

     Thank you, Cloey, for inviting me to join you and your readers at you blog. It is my pleasure and honor to be your guest.

     Like most writers, I am often asked where my stories come from. Now, you’d think that would be an easy question to answer, but it seldom is. Sometimes a title for a book will pop into my head and I’ll think up a story to go along with it. Or maybe I’ll be driving down a road and see something that just screams that a story be written about it. Once I wrote a mystery romance about a women’s strip club after having attended a birthday party at one. (Actually, I could probably have written a whole series of books about that experience!)

     A Witch’s Tale was one of those books that just comes to writers from time to time. The book contains so many things that fascinate me. For one, I love its location. If you have never been along the Northern California coast you’re missing out on a truly beautiful experience. There’s something mysterious and wild about how the redwoods creep down nearly to the ocean, which is both rugged and breathtaking at the same time.

     Also, my two main characters, Cassie and Mac, both represent parts of humanity that I find both interesting and admirable.

     Cassie is a member of a coven of Wiccans, which is often mistakenly referred to as witches. For whatever reason, she and her mother have chosen a religion that is both serene and very ancient…and commonly misunderstood. I myself am not a Wiccan, but I do find other religions to be fascinating and I found researching the Wiccan faith to be a very pleasant experience. No, I have not changed my personal religious beliefs, but I can honestly say I enjoyed meeting some wonderful and very helpful people while doing my research.

     Mac represents a group of people whom I admire very much—people who are living in recovery. I guess my interest in this group of people goes way back to my childhood. I remember one particular neighbor who was actively pursuing this lifestyle, as well as a friend of my father’s who was a truly wonderful person. Both men had experienced serious addiction problems and had not only managed to turn their lives around, but were two of the nicest guys I have ever known.

     Of course, I can’t leave out another one of my favorite characters in the book, Sarge, the English Bulldog. Several years ago my husband decided he just had to have an English Bulldog. So, I bought him an adorable little puppy we named Nasty (which was short for Bolivershagnasty…don’t ask, ‘cuz I don’t know where that name come from.) Nasty grew up to be a funny, loving, absolutely adorable dog who was loved by one and all. He especially liked women. Whenever a lady would come to the house he would immediately sit on her feet while looking back over his shoulder as he gazed lovingly up at her.

     So, you have location, Wiccan, AA guy and an English Bulldog. Somehow they all came together to make a story. I was just there to write it all down.

     Again, Cloey, thank you for this opportunity to visit with you and to talk a bit about my book, A Witch’s Tale.

     All my best, Maralee Lowder

A Witch's Tale
by Maralee Lowder

ISBN-13: 978-1481023979
ISBN-10: 1481023977

Publisher: Taylor Street Books

When hard-bittern reporter Mac McCormick is sent to Port Bellmont to report on the chilling death of the popular Reverend Elkins who has been found ritually sacrificed in a field just outside the town, he encounters an enraged crowd baying for the blood of a coven of witches whom it believes responsible for the crime.

However, when Mac subsequently meets the youngest of the witches, the beautiful flame-haired Cassie Adams, he immediately starts to doubt the crowd’s interpretation of events - or has he just fallen under her cunning spell?

About the Author:

Maralee Lowder found so much pleasure in reading such a wide spectrum of romance genres, she has never been able to write in just one. Her novels run the gamut of contemporary, historical, humorous, horror, paranormal and suspense.


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Krampusnacht by Nicolas Olivo

Every once in a while I come across a really good Christmas story. One that is entertaining yet different so today I would like to share one of those “good-but-different” kind of story with you.

Krampusnacht tells us that while Santa is giving the good kids gifts there is a Demon named Krampus who takes care of the bad kids. Yes, you read that right... the Demon takes the bad kids to Hell while the good kids get gifts. I don't know about you but my goal was to be on the good list – always.

There are three short stories that are interconnected in this collection. And I like the way Mr. Olivo gives us a different view of a particular scene that unfolds in Krampusnacht – it's pretty cool actually.

Krampusnacht is the story about how Gearstripper saved Christmas.

Pause shows us what's going one behind the scenes. You have to make sure to read this one after Krampusnacht.

Mrs. Rita has to make a decision that will have major consequences and repercussions. This answers the most important question of all.

Book Description:

Publication Date: November 21, 2011
An 8,000 word collection of short stories, featuring:

Santa’s been kidnapped by his demonic ex-partner, Krampus! Can Gearstripper the gremlin and Jake the security guard free St. Nick in time for Christmas?

Time’s been frozen on Christmas Eve and two Chroniclers are dispatched to investigate. Find out what happens when they encounter someone dressed as super-hero Commander Courageous!

A mysterious figure known as Stranger Wolfram prepares to summon a creature from the pits of Hell on Christmas Eve. Will fortune teller Mrs. Rita stop him?

I highly recommend this book for light reading in the spirit of Christmas – it is a very good read. The price is right too... 

Get it today at amazon  and  Barnes and Noble

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Jeffe Kennedy

Interview with Jeffe Kennedy

Hunting the Siren
Book Two in the Blood Currency Series

By Jeffe Kennedy

A vampire queen grown powerful with age, Imogen has protected her band of nightriders through the centuries. When refugee vampires from earthquake-shattered Europe seek shelter and sustenance, she’s honor-bound to feed them, by any means necessary. When her lieutenants dump the vengeful human man Kasar at her feet, Imogen succumbs to his masculine vitality and her overwhelming hunger for his blood—and his body.

Kasar has survived the breaking of the world, only to discover the vampire queen has slaughtered his sister and her unborn child. With the last of his bloodline dead, only his desire for vengeance keeps Kasar alive. He imagines he can pretend to succumb to Imogen’s seduction—not that he has much of a choice, chained as he is to the foot of her bed—and bide his time until he has an opportunity to kill her. The passion he finds in her arms is unexpected, and impossible to resist. But this haven of desire and satiation could easily destroy them both.

Feeding the Vampire
Book One in the Blood Currency Series
By Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Through good luck and healthy cowardice, Misty has survived the earthquakes that have torn the world apart, but has no skills to speak of. Or so she thinks. She does have blood, and someone must feed the vampire who has offered his protection and strength in exchange for sustenance.

Feeding Ivan is a priority, and Misty finally serves a purpose. But when she awakens tied to his bed, an unwilling gift to Ivan from the townspeople, she discovers he has hungers other than blood.

Hungers he expects her to satisfy in the most carnal manner. Under his seductive persuasion Misty discovers she has the power to sustain Ivan in all ways, while experiencing unspeakable pleasure herself.

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ellora’s Cave, ARe

Rogue’s Pawn 

Covenant of Thorns Series
by Jeffe Kennedy

Carina Press

July 16, 2012

This is no fairy tale…

Haunted by nightmares of a black dog, sick to death of my mind-numbing career and heart-numbing fiancĂ©, I impulsively walked out of my life—and fell into Faerie. Terrified, fascinated, I discover I possess a power I can’t control: my wishes come true. After an all-too-real attack by the animal from my dreams, I wake to find myself the captive of the seductive and ruthless fae lord Rogue. In return for my rescue, he demands an extravagant price—my firstborn child, which he intends to sire himself…

With no hope of escaping this world, I must learn to harness my magic and build a new life despite the perils—including my own inexplicable and debilitating desire for Rogue. I swear I will never submit to his demands, no matter what erotic torment he subjects me to…

Amazon, Barnes and Noble

About the Author:

Jeffe Kennedy took the crooked road to writing, stopping off at neurobiology, religious studies and environmental consulting before her creative writing began appearing in places like Redbook, Puerto del Sol, Wyoming Wildlife, Under the Sun and Aeon. An erotic novella, Petals and Thorns, came out under her pen name of Jennifer Paris in 2010, heralding yet another branch of her path, into erotica and romantic fantasy fiction. Since then, an erotic short, Feeding the Vampire, and another erotic novella, Sapphire, have hit the shelves.

Jeffe lives in Santa Fe, with two Maine coon cats, a border collie, plentiful free-range lizards and frequently serves as a guinea pig for an acupuncturist-in-training. Find her on Facebook and Twitter (@jeffekennedy) or visit her at her website

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Jeffe: I was a pretty typical kid and teen in that I wrote sentimental stories and really bad poetry. I recall one poem had an opening line that went “the silken dew-drop child…” But I never took a serious interest in writing because I believed that science was more important, more valid. I was partway through getting my PhD in neurophysiology when I realized that I didn’t want to have the life of a research scientist. When I examined my heart to discover what kind of life I *did* want to have, I was surprised to discover that “writer” was the answer.

Cloey: What inspired you to write Rogue’s Pawn?

Jeffe: I woke up one rainy weekend morning from a dream about my heroine. I sat down in my robe and wrote about her for four hours straight.

Cloey: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Jeffe: I’m not much for messages, because I think an agenda will derail a good story faster than anything else. If I had to pick something? “Be careful what you wish for.” ;-)

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character to develop and why?

Jeffe: Rogue is likely my favorite character, just because he’s always so interesting to me. I don’t think I have any least favorite characters. If they’re not interesting to me, I give them the boot.

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing Rogue’s Pawn?

Jeffe: Finding out what happens next! :-D

Cloey: What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life?

Jeffe: Well, I had to learn how to write a novel. Up until that book, I’d always written short – essays, short stories, that kind of thing – and I usually wrote them in one sitting, from beginning to end. With a novel, that’s simply not feasible. So, I learned how to hold a longer story in my head and work on it incrementally – it was like developing a whole new set of muscles. Then I had to do several major revisions.

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Jeffe: I’m very excited about this new project I’m just digging into. I’m working with Kensington Books to develop an e-serial. The story will be a sexy updating of Phantom of the Opera, told in six installments.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time?

Jeffe: I read pretty much everything except mystery/thriller. Right now I’m reading A Galactic Holiday, an anthology of sci-fi romances and Graham Joyce’s Some Kind of Fairy Tale.

Cloey: Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you)

Jeffe: Last night my hubs took me out to dinner to celebrate a new book deal and I had this amazing seafood cannelloni baked with a pink sauce and cheese. It was out-of-this-world delicious. I want to eat it for every meal now.

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Isis Rushdan

Guest Blog Post from Isis Rushdan and Review

Thank you for having me on, Cloey. I’m so happy to be here today to discuss the upcoming release of my debut novel, Kindred of the Fallen, and a little bit about my writing process.

My favorite muse by far is music. It’s definitely one of my greatest sources for inspiration. Whether it’s instrumental or vocal, music is my medium of choice to instantly transport me to one of my imagined worlds. Finding the right song to listen to while I write specific scenes can be tough, but when I do, passages unfold in such a fluid way I can visualize everything.

I use it to tap into the emotions I need the reader to feel and to breathe life into the words I put on the page. Then I go back through to clean up and revise.

Although Kindred of the Fallen is a paranormal romance, there’s butt-kicking action and a high concept storyline that I hope will appeal to fans of urban fantasy. In order to nail the action sequences, music was crucial.

Rob Dougan’s “Furious Angels” was one song I listened to on repeat over and over. Dougan’s voice, the poetic lyrics and haunting electronic beat fueled my creative mojo as I wrote two scenes.

The first was a major event in which something tragic happens. It’s not the biggest fight scene, but it is a critical turning point in the story.

The process can be intense as with the scene mentioned above. I was in the writer’s zone, completely immersed in the world, and bawled as I tossed my characters into a dark, heartbreaking place. When my editor told me the scene made her cry, I was thrilled I had been able to connect on such a level.

“Furious Angels” filled my heart and ears as I also wrote the climax. There simply wasn’t a better musical choice and it gave me the adrenaline rush I needed.

I hope readers are able to feel every emotion I wanted to convey, and enjoy the journey of Serenity and Cyrus.

Kindred of the Fallen EXCERPT

Cyrus stroked Serenity’s arm, his heart tight as a fist and throbbing. His pool of energy gushed and swelled inside of him. Exhilarating jolts, unlike anything he’d ever felt, set his skin aflame. His nerve endings tingled like bare wires.

He’d watched her for the last ten days from a distance, waiting for the perfect opportunity to meet her. After his reckless disaster earlier in her office, he needed this to go the way he’d planned. For more than two hundred years, he had imagined this, when he’d finally meet his kabashem, the other half of his soul. If he ever found her, his mission was clear.

Claim her at any cost and put an end to the curse.

“My house outside the city offers a spectacular view. It’s the perfect place to appreciate the stars. And I promise you’ll enjoy a meal you’ll never forget.”

Was he being too forward? His impulsive, less aggressive tactic at her studio had backfired.

Sweat slicked his palms and his pulse raced. Ten days should have been long enough to prepare. What was wrong with him? He’d never been nervous going into battle, not even the first time he held a sword ready to kill. But having her within reach threw him off kilter worse than taking a fist to the head.

“I can’t have dinner with you,” she said in a solemn voice that wavered.

“We both have to eat. Why not do it together?”

She raised her left hand with the ring facing him. “I’m engaged.”


Her eyes grew wide for a moment.

“You’re used to getting what you want, aren’t you?” Her gaze slipped from his face. “Women probably throw themselves at you all the time, tossing away their morals along with their panties, eager to get into your bed. I hate to disappoint you twice in one day, but I’m not that type of woman.”

He sucked in a breath, smooth and slow. “You’re right, I am used to getting what I want, but you’re wrong about the women. Casual sex is for the undisciplined, and none of the pursuits in my life are casual.” He leaned closer. “I didn’t mean to offend you with my invitation. I admire your moral compass. Means you’ll never get lost.”

She rolled her eyes and snickered.

Time for uncensored honesty. “Forgive my forwardness, but I sensed a connection between us and thought you had as well.”

She met his gaze.

“The kind of connection one can’t deny or ignore,” he continued. “The kind that happens once in a lifetime. The kind for which rules are meant to be broken.”


Kindred Chronicles Book One

Isis Rushdan
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date of Publication: January 8, 2013
ISBN: 9781619212893
ASIN: B009R89AF2
Number of pages: 444

Cover Artist: Kanaxa

Amazon Samhain Barnes & Noble

Book Description:

Serenity’s soul-reading ability lets her easily create custom tattoos. Everything else in her life is a struggle, from trying to make it work with her best friend, Evan, to nightmares and visions that make her question her sanity.

Then she meets a man who sharpens her craving for something more.

Cyrus has been preparing to claim her as his Blessed mate—the other half of a split soul that, once reunited, is his only chance to break the curse that plagues his people.

One moment, armed militants are firing questions Serenity cannot answer. The next, she is safe in Cyrus’s arms…and learning she isn’t even human. She is Kindred, blessed with preternatural powers, cursed to suffer the twin horrors of the blood rage and the dark veil.

Their union is the greatest hope for redemption in a thousand years, but not all Kindred want to be saved. A dark secret could snuff out their lives before love has a chance to unite them…and redeem the Kindred for all time.

Greater the love…sweeter the pleasure…higher the price that must be paid.

About the Author:

Isis Rushdan was born and raised in New York City. She has a B.A. in psychology from The Ohio State University. Wanderlust has taken her across the globe and has kept her moving every three years. Fortunately, she is blessed with a husband who shares her passion for travel, movies and fantastic food. Prior to following her bliss as a writer, she had a bright career as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. She currently resides in sunny Florida, where she hopes to finally establish roots, with her husband, son and canine kiddies.

I felt like Ms. Rushdan had me right there watching the scenes from the sidelines while the story unfolded. And there weren't too many new words to learn about the Kindred which left more time for my imagination to flow with the story. I say this over and over and will say it again, I do not like reading books that keeps me locked into the glossary just to keep up and Ms. Rushdan spaced out the new words perfectly.

The history of the Kindred had a little mythology twist which was awesome because it connected with my love of Egyptology. I also liked the concept of Serenity working in a tattoo shop and would have liked to read a bit more about her Soul Art, I thought it was very cool. Ms. Rushdan created likable characters too and I liked all of them even the bad guys. Just wait until you read about Artemis she's a hot one eyed women on a mission to hurt somebody - a major badass. Serenity is a strong female who is self centered but loves Cyrus. And Cyrus would move the world for her if he could. If you like love stories with a kick you will like this one.

I recommend this book. The sex scenes are hot but not over done, you will find action, betrayal, love, and the world of the Kindred all wrapped up in an entertaining story. I would read another one of Isis Rushdan's books any day.

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Victoria Limbert

Interview with Victoria Limbert

Victoria Limbert stopped by to discuss her novel Lilith (Twin Soul Novels). Lilith is her debut  novel and it rocks! Want to read my review? Click Here. Professor Annette Anderson has the soul of a powerful demon named Lilith living inside her body along with her own. They manage to live together but not entirely harmoniously. This book tells us what it's like to be Annette, a person who lives in two worlds. Annette is kickass, the sex is crazy, and the lust is boiling, the demons are sexy as hell, and there is plenty of action, pain and darkness for everyone.

Here is what Ms. Limbert has to say about Lilith (Twin Soul Novels)

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Victoria: I first became interested in writing when I was a very young girl and spent most of my time with my dad…I was the biggest daddy’s girl and love admitting that I still am. My dad would become so immersed in a Stephen King novel or a fantasy by David Gemmell that he wouldn’t hear my mum shouting at him for ages, only to answer with a confused grunt. I knew then I wanted to be the type of writer that could make the readers forget about their lives and become utterly engrossed in the worlds I create. I owe so much to my dad for encouraging my interest and passing down all his books to me. He still does it to this day when I visit him. My shelves are full of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and David Gemmell. 

Cloey: What inspired you to write about Lilith?

Victoria: The demon Lilith is a biblical story I stumbled on while I was researching Mythology and Demonology for a book I was currently writing. I was intrigued by the tale of a woman who was punished for refusing to lay beneath the man she was created to love and cherish. She believed she was equal to Adam, having been formed from the same earth as he had.

Where others saw Lilith as traitorous and evil, I felt pity for her and so I wanted my novel to reflect her humanity as well as her bitterness at the curse put upon her by God for fleeing the Garden of Eden.

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character and why?

Victoria: This is a tough one, because I have a soft spot for most of the characters I create, even the villains. If I had to choose, I would say Annette is my favourite character because she has the ability to accept any situation she is placed in, no matter how terrible they are. Her life has been filled with trials and tears and pain and yet she comes back fighting every time. She is my hero. She is the person I wish I could be in my life. To have the strength to stand up for what you believe, for those you love, despite the pain it causes, is an amazing personality trait.

My least favourite character would have to be Obelisk. We don’t meet him until much later in the book but what he did to Annette haunts her through her story. He tainted her past and we watch him taint her future as well. He was a hard character to write for me, because despite the many villains Annette faces and the pain she is put through, it is Obelisk who torments her both mentally and physically.

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing Lilith?

Victoria: The most enjoyable part about writing Lilith and, in fact, any of my stories, has to be the climax and the conclusion. I hate planning my writing; I have never been able to keep to a storyboard or plans and timelines. It feels right to let the story take its own course. This means even I am unsure which path I am going to choose until the very moment I write it. I get excited as I near the end, not knowing if I am going to kill off a character or save them or if a friend will become an enemy.

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Victoria: When it comes to writing I have many projects on the go. My main focus is on Fateless, the sequel to Lilith and the second book in the Twin Soul Novels series. I also have a fantasy trilogy coming to life and a series of Post Apocalyptic short stories which I am writing for fun.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time? 

Victoria: I like to read Fantasy, Paranormal and Crime mainly. I have never been able to grasp Sci-Fi, though I do try from time to time and the YA market has really grabbed my attention. Since becoming a self published author I prefer to read books by Indie Authors and have found some brilliant writers among them like M.G Wells, R.G. Lawrence and Graeme Ing. 

Cloey: Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you) 

Victoria: Well, I may write about demons and monsters hiding in shadows but I am absolutely terrified of the dark! I sleep with the television on and the thought of a power cut is my worst nightmare. I have candles everywhere just in case. If I wake in the middle of the night I have to cough loudly or move around until my fiancé wakes up and then I can get back to sleep, knowing he is awake and nothing can get me. Thankfully he is very understanding; I can be difficult to live with.

Thank you so much for discussing Lilith (Twin Souls Novels) today. I can't wait to read Fateless and I love Post Apocalyptic stories too, awesome. So, we are going to see some very good reads soon from Ms. Limbert. Go online and order Lilith (Twin Soul Novels) today. You will be very surprised that this is her first book and I bet you will want to read her next.

Buy it on amazon 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Patrick LeClerc

Today we have the honor of meeting Mr. Patrick LeClerc the author of Out Of Nowhere which is the story about Sean Danet, an EMS worker, who loves his job and his co-workers. Life is good until he goes out on a call and helps a guy with a broken ankle then very bad people with the ability to transport into thin air comes after him to kill him. But he also meets a beautiful lady who could be the one and the two of them along with a few awesome co-workers becomes an unstoppable force against the bad guys. This is a very cool love story and Sean Danet is a kickass hero. Want to see my review? Click here. If you would like to purchase the book now click here.

Here is what Mr. LeClerc has to say:

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Patrick: Early on. I always liked making up stories. I think reading "The Hobbit" when I was around ten or so opened up my imagination to the idea that you really have unlimited scope to make up stories. It was the first actual fantasy book I ever read and it was an epiphany.

Cloey: What inspired you to write Out Of Nowhere?

Patrick: I call it my "Sound of Music" book. You know, "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things." I wanted to write a book about EMS, but my efforts fell kind of flat. And I had vague idea for a story about an immortal hiding from his past among the crowds of humanity. When I decided to combine the efforts, it really started to flow.

It was a perfect vehicle for me to throw in references to history, military, medicine, cooking, and just my own twisted philosophical outlook. It's the thing I've had the most fun writing.

Cloey: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Patrick: I guess I'd like people to see the immutable nature of humanity. How people are more or less the same across cultures, races and centuries, and to think about their own ideas as to what makes "us" better than "them."

And that life is too short to eat bad food.

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character and why?

Patrick: Pete and Monique were the most fun to write. With Pete, I just channel my most insensitive comments and turn off the internal editor.

Sarah was the most challenging. She had to be a fully realized character, not a cliche, not just a damsel in distress. I wanted a believable female character, with motivations and reactions that would ring true. Unlike Nique, she's in a profession I don't know all that well, and has areas of knowledge that i don't, so it was a stretch.

Doors was probably my least favorite, since he pretty much embodies a lot of traits that I really hate. I still wanted him to be a believable person, not a cliche.

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing Out Of Nowhere?

Patrick: Writing dialogue. I just kind of let it flow, and when I'm on my game it's a pure joy. When I'm off my game it's a slog, but the times it just seems to write itself are one of my favorite parts of being a writer.

Cloey: What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life?
Patrick: As I said before, trying to get into the head of the female love interest was a challenge. I also really wanted to get the historical facts right, but I've always been interested in history, so that was fun as much as anything else.

Really, the biggest challenge for me is marketing the book. I'm not well versed in social media, and I've never been much of a salesman. It's a big learning curve for me.

Cloey: Through my review and this interview I will bring your book to a few readers and they will tell their family and friends about the book and word will spread from there.

Cloey: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in Out Of Nowhere?

Patrick: Right now, I don't think so. I'm really proud of it, and the crew at Firedance was very helpful, but not demanding. They enabled me to make the book better, but let me keep my voice.

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Patrick: About three fingers of Jameson's.

Seriously, I have a fairly straight military science fiction piece being edited right now. I have a fantasy story in the style of the old pulps like Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, and I am getting started on the sequel to OON.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time?

Patrick: I like crime fiction, wisecracking detective stories like Robert B Parker's Spencer novels, or Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Terry Pratchett is always a favorite.

I do most of my reading between ambulance calls, so i need a book I can put down then pick back up and not lose the plot.

Cloey: Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you)

Patrick: My favorite breakfast food is cold pizza. It's odd because I'm usually a pretty hardcore food snob, but I looove cold pizza for breakfast. I can't rationally defend it, but it touches my happy place.

I will deny that to the last breath, of course.

CloeyThank you so much for discussing Out Of Nowhere with us today.

Want to know more about Mr. LeClerc? Check out his bio:

PATRICK LECLERC MAKES GOOD USE of his history degree by working as a paramedic for an ever changing parade of ambulance companies in the Northern suburbs of Boston. When not writing he enjoys cooking, fencing and making witty, insightful remarks with career limiting candor. In the lulls between runs on the ambulance—and sometimes the lulls between employment at various ambulance companies—he writes fiction. You can find more of it at or follow him on Twitter @PatrickLeCler17

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maria Hammarblad

Excerpt and Interview from Maria Hammarblad 

We are honored to have Maria Hammarblad author of Brand New World to stop by to share an excerpt from her novella. Be sure to visit the other blogs listed at the end of this post because we have interviews, guest posts, and giveaways all day today. This is a one day blitz - join the party!

I was a real asset in a stressful situation: I slept through the computer coming back online. I woke from Adam stroking my hair and saying my name. It felt good. “Mmm, hi.”

“It’s a shame to wake you, but we need to go.”

“This is a very comfortable floor. You go save the day, and come back to get me when you’re done.” 

He laughed softly. “I’ll find you a chair on the bridge that’s even more comfortable.”
“You’re not getting me coffee?”

“I wish I could. Here, put this on.” 

He held out a peculiar visor to me. It resembled some futuristic scuba gear. “What? We’re going swimming?”

The man was the epitome of patience. When I didn’t take the visor, he put it on me.“We need to go to the bridge now, and you will need air on the way there.”

Wearing the breathing device was awkward, and the air had a peculiar taste. I could breathe though, so I didn’t complain.

He paused just inside the door to the corridor. “Stay right behind me, just in case. Are you ready?”

As ready as I’d ever be. 

I squeezed my eyes shut when he opened the door to the corridor. No harm in delaying whatever horrors might await for a second or two, right? When I opened them again, Adam crouched next to three motionless bodies. “Are they… Are they dead?” 

“They’ll be fine, but they’ll have wonderful headaches when they wake up. Come on.” 

My plan didn’t seem all that great anymore. What about people who might be sick, or pregnant, or something. Would they die?

“Alex, I pumped in a mix of sevoflurane and nitrous oxide. They’ll be out for a while, but they’ll be fine.” His words woke me from my paralysis.

Strewn with bodies, the beautiful corridors turned into a nightmare. I kept trying to peek over my shoulder to see if a monster might be sneaking up on us, but the visor wouldn’t turn that far. 

There was an unconscious Logg in the lift. I shifted my weight from foot to foot, unwilling to go in, and Adam pulled the furry body out. 

“Do you think the others made it to the bridge before…?” My mental image of everyone falling to their deaths, put to sleep during the long climb was too horrendous. 

He took my hand and led me into the elevator. “I think they picked up masks just like yours, and I think they’re waiting for us.”

Waiting? How could they be? We only had to climb eight floors, and they needed to go thirty-three. Oh no… “You didn’t let me sleep, did you?” 

“Just for a little while.” 

Great. The entire rescue operation stalled because I needed a nap. 

Adam squeezed my fingers. “No matter what happens, it’ll be a long day.”

The top floor was almost empty. It would make sense to empty the ship from there down, and only a few stocky, furry bodies hindered our way. I stepped over one, hoping it wouldn’t wake up to grab my ankles.

Brand New World
Embarkment 2577, novella 1

Maria Hammarblad

Genre: Scifi Romance

ISBN: 1456338366
ISBN-13: 978-1456338367
ASIN: B004HO630G

Number of pages: 128

Book Description:

When Alexandra wakes up in an unknown environment, populated by a cat-like woman with a tail and a hologram of a rockstar, she knows she has to be hallucinating. Maybe she hit her head, or finally suffered that nervous breakdown. It doesn't get any better from finding out she died and was taken into the future by the elusive Adam, whom she can't remember, or from people telling her she's on a spaceship.

The last year or so is gone from her memory, and she has no choice but to try to adapt. As days go by, her new environment becomes more and more unnerving. She finds herself helpless, and completely dependent on a man who isn't even human.

"Brand New World" is the first novella in the "Embarkment 2577" series. 

Author Bio:
Born in Sweden in the early 1970's, Maria showed a large interest for books at an early age. Even before she was able to read or write, she made her mom staple papers together into booklets she filled with drawings of suns and planets. She proudly declared them, "The Sun Book." They were all about the sun. She also claimed, to her mother's horror, that her being on Earth was a big mistake and that her alien family would come and bring her home at any moment. This never happened, but both the interest in space and the passion for bookmaking stayed with her. 

As an adult Maria's creativity got an outlet through playing bass in a number of rock bands, and through writing technical manuals and making web pages for various companies and organizations. She did write drafts for a few novels, but the storytelling muse was mostly satisfied through role playing online on Myspace. It was here, while writing stories together with people from around the globe, she stumbled onto Mike. They started talking out of character, and she moved over to Florida to him late 2008. Today the two are married and live in the Tampa Bay area with three rescue dogs. 

Besides writing and playing bass, Maria enjoys driving off-road, archery, and Tameshigiri. 

Upcoming releases 

Flashback, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing June 2013 
Operation Earth, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing August 2013 
Borealis XII, to be released by Desert Breeze Publishing November 2013 

Fun Facts

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Chicken with cashew nuts 
Doesn't eat: Mammals 
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek TNG and Leverage 
Favorite animal: Border Collie 
Quotes: "Full Speed Ahead" and "Caffeine is good for you" 

Find Maria on the web




Twitter: @mariahammarblad


Publisher's website:

Here is what Ms. Hammarblad has to say about writing Brand New World...

Join me in thanking Ms. Hammarblad for taking time out of her busy schedule to discuss Brand New World with us today...

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Maria: Thank you for letting me come over to your blog! I've always been fascinated with books and wanted to write. My mom had a lot of books, and I was fascinated with the spines - they were so colourful and pretty. It's always been a part of my life.

Cloey: What inspired you to write Brand New World?

Maria: The idea came into my head many years ago. I lived on the Swedish west coast for a brief period of time, and liked to walk by the sea. My imagination is restless, and I wondered what it would be like if a plane would crash. That grew into, "No, it would be much more interesting if an alien space ship crashed." That little seed grew in my mind for a long time. What would the heroine do? Flee, or come to the rescue? In the first draft of Brand New World the story really started on a beach. I wasn't happy with it, so I decided to start at a later point in time. Now I've been toying with the idea of writing a prequel that gives all the back story of how the hero and heroine met and all their adventures on present time Earth before she ends up in the future...

Cloey: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Maria: Love conquers all. Any obstacle keeping people apart can seem impossible to overcome, but if people care enough about each other, it can still work out. :-)

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character to develop and why?

Maria: I love Adam - the hero. He's a quirky sweetheart fun to write. My least favourite... I don't know, I like all of them in this book. Brand New World is the first novella in a series of three, and the sequel High Gravity has a few people I struggled with. In this one they all fell into place without too much effort.

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing Brand New World?

Maria: This is the first book I've written where I allowed myself to be really goofy. Parts of it are silly on the verge of being a sci fi spoof. I hope readers will take it the right way and get a chuckle, but if they think I'm an idiot that's okay too, hahaha!

Cloey: What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life?

Maria: Time is always a challenge for me. Besides writing, I have a family, a daytime job and go to school full time for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Thankfully, I only have a couple of classes left now. I'm also bad at saying no to people when they ask me to do something, and 2012 has been really tough. It's a cultural thing, I think. Swedish people in general don't like conflict and we don't like to disappoint anyone, so we don't like to say no. We don't like it to the extent where we've invented a special word that sounds like Yes, but everyone knows it means No... That doesn't work in the US, of course, so I'm learning to say no. LOL.

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Maria: I'm almost done with the re-write of the last novella following Brand New World. It's called Adam and Eve, and it really puts my poor heroine to the test. I'm also working on my first 2013 release. It's called Flashback and will be available in June. It's about a war veteran who was a prisoner in a Taliban camp. Poor guy suffers all sorts of problems and almost shoots himself to make the memories go away. There is a beautiful girl, of course, and eventually he'll have to face his deepest fears to rescue her from mortal danger.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time?

Mara: I love to read science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. Romance if it isn't too mushy gooey, LOL.

Cloey: Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you)

Maria: Difficult question... Oh, I have a good one. I'm a little obsessed with gargoyles. I have a shelf filled with gargoyle statues. They're just... so cool! =D

Want to learn more about Brand New World? Visit Maria Hammarblad at:





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