Monday, December 3, 2012

Close Liaisons

Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume One) by Anna Zaires

The story is good, the sex scenes are hot, and sweet cover art too, oh yeah this is a very good start of a series. I read this book during hurricane Sandy while the wind and rain was beating on my house at the Jersey Shore. I was mesmerized with Korum and surprised when the secrets about him were revealed along the way. I couldn't wait to find out why he was so interested in Mia and Ms. Zaires didn't disappoint me. Even when I was finished reading I still thought Ms. Zaires was hiding something. Maybe setting us up for a new bomb about the Krinars. Well I will need to wait for the next book to find out.

Aliens from the planet Krina came to Earth to stop us from polluting and abusing our planet and decided to share it with us - yes, share our planet with us as in co-habitation, that's what they told us anyway. They gave us technology, cleaned up our diets, and stopped our mistreatment of the planet. Five years after the invasion Mia Stalis a NYU student was in the wrong park at the wrong time studying for her finals. She never met a Krinar or knew much about them until now. Korum, from the planet Krina, visited the park, saw Mia, wanted to meet her, and a whole lot more. That was the last normal day in Mia's life.

Mia didn't want to be involved with Korum but he wouldn't leave her alone so she asked her best friend Jessie for help then one thing after another sent Mia's life into a downward spiral. Mia found herself working with the Resistance, studying for her finals, and having mind blowing sex with Korum every night. Dang what's a girl to do?

I love this book! Even when my power went out I was still turning the pages on my eReader. I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book.

The overview...

In the near future, the Krinar make the rules. An ancient, highly advanced race from another galaxy, they are beautiful, powerful, and immortal – and driven by dark desires.

A student at NYU, Mia Stalis has her whole life planned out . . . until one close encounter changes everything. Drawn against her will to the dangerous alien determined to possess her, Mia finds herself thrust into a world of explosive passion and deadly intrigue. And if she is to escape his addictive embrace, she will have to make an impossible choice . . . while the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.

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