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A little about me and so much more

Hi, my name is Cloey, and I love to read books and talk about them. If you met me in person, you would think that I was an introvert. I don't talk much until you mention a book that I read or have on my “to be read” list then it's hard to keep me quiet. I have been reading since I was a little girl and when I didn't have a book to read I made up stories to tell anyone who would listen – I was destined to have a blog about books.

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This blog is interactive, so please feel free to comment on my posts, follow my blog, and stop by often just to say hello. Share your thoughts if you read the book and your desires if you didn't. All I ask is that you, please, keep your comments respectful and PG. I am sure that all of us will have an excellent experience if we keep our language PG. I also believe that my blog is an extension of my personality and as time goes by you will learn that I accept people for who they are. I want everyone to feel comfortable at Cloey's. Hateful or attacking language towards an author or another visitor will be deleted. Spam and any comment that I perceive as spam will be deleted. I do not advertise nor do not want to see excessive links in the comment section of a post – I will perceive that as spam. And finally, I will add to this comment policy as we go along but for now, I have an amazing audience and probably will never need to make any changes.

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