Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cloey's Guides Are Here!

Cloey's Guide To Promoting Your eBook is Live!

Psst... hey, Cloey here, Guest what I did? I recorded my first podcast show! My first recording studio is ready and my very first podcast is now live in iTunes. It was a lot harder than I expected but I got through it and with more episodes I'll get better. I am still trying to find my comfort zone and I can't wait to get there - I am very excited.

My intentions are to have two free shows, a podcast for readers and a podcast for writers but I need to roll out one at a time. The writer's podcast is the first to go live and it's called "Cloey's Guide To Promoting Your eBook". Go to to listen to my very first episode or to iTunes at I was nervous, awkward, and uncomfortable the whole time that I was recording it. Let me know what you think about it your feedback is highly appreciated. You can leave me a message on my listener voicemail feedback line at 732-455-9814.

Cloey's Guide To Promoting Your eBook is a weekly show for aspiring writers and new authors. I have met many new authors who were confused with all of the information that's available to them. They really need help navigating the steps that will help them release a quality book for their target market. If you are one of the authors or writers that I've met then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I plan to address your needs while inviting industry professionals to come on my show for discussions and interviews.

We will discuss what you need to do as a writer and author to release, market. and promote your ebooks - I’m keeping it simple. I know that there are many books and maybe even podcasts out there giving advice on the subject of promoting ebooks but my show will be different. I am giving out of the box tips and tricks in a way that will be easy to understand and implement.

I am also inviting people who are doing things right - they already have their books out there in front of their audience. Come and learn from your peers and industry professionals. The industry professionals will also be available for hire if you need their help. 

This show will provide the most helpful information in an easy to learn and also easy to implement format.

I actually wanted to write a "how-to" book but thought that the resources and information would be better presented as a podcast. You will be able to listen anywhere you are and also have the opportunity to utilize my companion website at any time. I am very excited about Cloey’s Guide To Promoting Your eBook and I hope that you listen to an episode and let me know what you would like to learn in the upcoming episodes.

The second podcast show that I plan to start is "The Book Junkie’s Guide To The Galaxy". This show is for readers. I’ll let you know more about it as I get closer to recording my first episode.

You can find me on Twitter @CloeyWorld and or at my podcast website at I am looking forward to creating informative shows that will take your eBook to the next level.