Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Thank you for reading my blog and supporting the amazing authors who shared their work here at Cloey's. It has been a pleasure meeting and chatting with each and every one of you here and on Twitter. 

I am closing my blog for a while. I am very sad about my decision but believe that it is the best decision at this time. If you've noticed I haven't been fully present since July 2014. I've made changes but am still having difficulty finding time to devote to writing and tweeting. 

I've had several changes in my life and at work which are requiring more and more of my time. And while I love my blog and my Twitter account I just don't have the time to devote to them. I will keep in touch periodically and I will continue to post my book reviews but only on the sell sites. I will continue to read and empty my queue too. This is a challenge as well because I only have time to read after 11pm when I'm already tired from my work day and family time.

Thank you for being there when I needed you most and I hope to return to my blog and Twitter account soon.