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Joe Reyes

Featuring The Prodigal Son by Joe Reyes ...

A good man will most likely remain a good man when faced with adversity but a bad man will find it the perfect opportunity to rise to the top. Find out which type of man is inside Cortez when you read The Prodigal Son. His story continues in Aftermath the debut novel by Joe Reyes.

Cortez's story is FREE on  Download a copy in your preferred format today and if you like it get Aftermath on amazon to know what happens next.

The Prodigal Son

Joe Reyes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic

Published: Aug. 09, 2016
Words: 1,470
Language: English
ISBN: 9781370974276

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Joe Reyes

Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Suspense, Thriller

Publisher: Wasteland Press (May 4, 2016)
Publication Date: May 4, 2016
Print Length: 284 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English


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What was once the United States has become a savage post-apocalyptic environment where the worst of the worst prosper and the remaining good hide.

Seven characters in different parts of the United States must adapt to this new environment. The “fight or flight” mentality plays into the story, as the nation is divided into factions fighting for control of the country. The government is outnumbered, outgunned, and forced into hiding as well to recoup their forces.

The novel pits these characters, the elements, and each other with lives intertwining on opposite sides of the war effort. One character's quest for revenge could jeopardize not only the war outcome but the reshaping of the entire nation.

What these characters don't realize, is the terrifying evil making its way across the ocean.
Mr. Reyes was a guest on the Blog Talk Radio show, "Other Worlds of Romance" and we have the recording here! Listen to a chapter from his debut novel Aftermath.

Listen to an EXCERPT here: AFTERMATH

Author Bio

Joe Reyes has never been afraid to go for what he wants in life. His goal is to be a full-time published author and is taking all the steps necessary to make that dream a reality. He hates when he hears about people who give up on their dreams.

His writing style is fast paced. When he wrote his novel Aftermath, he wanted it to feel like a television show. Joe doesn’t like boring descriptions. He finds filler scenes to be a book killer and makes sure that every chapter has an immediate purpose or a purpose later on.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Victoria Lord

Featuring ... The Rich Girl 

A Contemporary Romance. Read the excerpt and if you would like to read more ... well, you know what to do next, haha! This one looks interesting because I love reading romances with settings in cities like New York. I wonder if there's a scene in Central Park?


The Rich Girl 
Victoria Lord

Publisher: Victoria Lord (November 2, 2015)

Publication Date: November 2, 2015

Contemporary Romance

Language: English




Emily Stevenson is the only child of overprotective and wealthy parents. They are members of the “New York elite,” and Emily enjoys a privileged but sheltered girlhood and grows up with a somewhat fearful and cautious personality. Her life begins to change when she goes off to Harvard and meets someone with a very different background than her own. Circumstances conspire to bring her back to New York where a great tragedy impacts her life. Emily is almost broken. But with the help of her “Uncle Tony,” a family friend, she manages to put together the beginnings of a new life. Her friend Jim, an actor, also contributes to Emily’s recognition that her life can be fulfilling if she chooses to make it so. 

A chance encounter on the streets of the city proves to be the catalyst for real change and growth for Emily. She finds a new life in a new career. Emily meets the challenges of this new life with intelligence, confidence, and a new belief in her own abilities. Yet, her personal life continues to be unsettled. She makes some misguided choices in her relationships with men. Will Emily overcome those bad choices and find a life with both personal and professional success?
Join Emily on her journey of self-actualization and discover if the “poor little rich girl” does indeed manage to build a life in which she can grow into a strong and independent woman determining her own destiny. 

This is a book intended for mature readers only. There are a few scenes (about 10% of the book) portraying sexual aspects of Emily’s life. If this type of material offends you, do not buy this book.
Word count approximately 57,000 words


Tony’s Coffee Bar

Emily diligently typed away on her laptop in “Tony’s Coffee Bar” while sipping her cappuccino. Tony wasn’t here today; he was probably overseeing one of his other four restaurants. Emily was too busy for chit-chat, anyway. She had a million emails to answer, most of which pertained to Assisi House. And she was trying to get a start on next year’s budget so she could take it to her accountant later in the week. She was seated at her favorite table next to the large plate glass window; it was easy to get distracted by the foot traffic passing by. You never knew what might happen in the big city of New York to either entertain or appall you.

But her concentration was broken by seeing Jim walk in the front door. “Well, there goes the next hour,” Emily thought to herself. Still, she loved seeing Jimmy. He had been her best friend for almost three years and they tended to communicate one way or another almost every day. After ordering his coffee, he came to join her and gave her a light kiss on her cheek.

“Hi Emmy, what’s up with my favorite do-gooder today?” said Jim with his boyish “Aren’t you happy I’m here?” smile.

“Just the usual. Staff stuff, money stuff, animal stuff, and the ever popular ‘what to wear to the gala’ stuff. I hate those kind of events and thanks again for agreeing to be my escort. The only saving grace is that this year they’re honoring Tony and you know I wouldn’t miss that for anything.”

“I do know. And I’m looking forward to it if only for the opportunity to see you wearing something other than jeans and a tee. Have the organizers locked in anyone yet to give the award speech?”

“Well, yes, it’s going to be the Cardinal.” A shadow passed over Emily’s face and Jim looked concerned also.

“I’m so sorry, Emmy, but what’s past is past. Don’t be upset. I’ll be there with you and watch out for you. Can I tell you some good news of mine that might cheer you up?”

“Of course, sweetie. And don’t worry about me. Time marches on, as the old saying goes. So what’s the news?”

“Well, today David Lancaster called me from London and he’s agreed to sign on for a year at the New Theater as co-star and director. Think of it, the most talented British stage actor of his generation will be part of my troupe. It’s quite a coup for us and the investors were thrilled when I told them. At last, all my plans to unshackle myself from L.A. are falling into place.”

“Jimmy, that’s wonderful!” said Emily and she leaned over and gave him a big hug. She was honestly happy for him and for a moment pushed her own issues aside. “I have a feeling big changes are going to be coming for both of us this year. And I’m resolved to make the most of them. Let’s drink to our futures.”

And they clinked their coffee cups together and smiled at each other.

Arthur Bio

"Fortune's Wheel" is Victoria Lord's first novel. It draws on her love of British history, especially the sixteenth century. She recently published her second novel, "The Rich Girl," which is set in contemporary New York City and features another strong and independent woman as protagonist.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ian K. Sylus

Today's Promo Thursday is all about Nightmare Child 
a horror/Thriller by Ian K. Sylus 

Nightmare Child
Ian K. Sylus

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Publisher: Ian K. Sylus (June 30, 2016)
Print Length: 165 pages
Publication Date: June 30, 2016



Stare down the physical representation of everything your terror calls home. Celeste St. Clare awakes beneath a tightrope, gazing upon the fragmented world around her. The only clairvoyance through a sea of beasts and psyche-shattering realizations is a man in a ruined suit, claiming to have control over the landscape before her. Nightmare Child delves deep into the uncharted mind, ripping through the emotions and enigma that we call 'being human'.


Celeste put her feet into the casket, and lowered herself down with her arms. She was a mere few feet above the podium, and let go to plant a landing. As she stared upwards, the cutout of a casket in the sky began to dissipate. It was just her and Rift now, unaware as to the layer of sin this place possibly concealed. She wasn’t provided with much detail, then again that may have been a bit of her own doing.

The luscious grass was an even watercolor look, every blade painted the same. The scenery all around was a massive graveyard, well-maintained and peaceful, the way it should be. There were seven chairs in each of the seven rows, all of them had a paper name plate on the seat. Every name plate was empty. Who would have come to her mother’s funeral? That, she didn’t know.

The large oak tree cast shade over a section of the seating arrangement, and there were flower baskets and decorations in vases. They were presented on a table, and smack dab in the middle of them were a dozen long-stem black roses. They appeared wilted, but still had some time left in them. A photograph of her mother was blown up on a large display, only the missing elements were… startling.

There was a perfect image of what she should have been, a moment in her prime. It was a photo that Celeste remembered well. She could vividly recall it in her mind. Why was it that there was no face on the display? Skin, but no face—like it had been wiped away. In that exact moment, she could hear the distant wind come to a stop, and the scent of everything around her died.

The scenery became cracked, and void of animation. Eight panels fell flat, all landing on the outside. It was like leaving a reenactment, coming back to reality. Everything just broke away, as if an enigma had been unraveled. The green grass resisted to sway. It was like it all turned to crumpled paper and ceased to be magical. This was what she thought her mother’s funeral to be, but deep down, she knew it wasn’t anything like this. Celeste awoke covered in bruises in the backseat of the family truck, and upon inquiry, was told the funeral was wonderful.

The area behind the once-real panels of landscape was like a big boiler room. The red lights were dim and shined off the machinery. The only white light was looming over her mother’s casket. It rested next to the bizarre photograph draped in a white cloth. As she neared it, she could hear arguing—only this time, it wasn’t her father. Mr. Rope and Grim were shouting above, on the citadel, and somehow she could hear them.

Author Bio

I began writing when I was five-years-old, and from that point on, it became my passion. I've married a lovely woman, had three amazing boys by her; all that's left to do is write a bestseller. I mean, how hard can that be, right?

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