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Celia Breslin

Excerpt and Giveaway by Celia Breslin


Diamond Moon
Black Hills Wolves
Book 12
Celia Breslin

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date of Publication: March 27, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61333-803-2

Number of pages: 85
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde 

Book Description:

Human-wolf hybrid Darci Diamond spends every full moon locked in auntie’s basement in Southern Oregon. Her excruciating shifts terrify her, the last one causing her heart to stop beating. Seeking a cure, she journeys to Los Lobos.

Ross Luparell returns to the struggling Tao pack, using his millions made in the tech industry to build homes for pack families in need. He never imagined he would also find his one true mate. But when a hybrid with the biggest green eyes he’s ever seen lands on his doorstep in the middle of a wicked summer storm, there’s no denying it. She’s the one.

She wants a normal human life, free from pain-filled shifts. He won’t give up on her Wolf, and will do whatever it takes to help her accept her true nature. But can he convince her to trust him with her heart?


He reached out with his Wolf senses. The feedback froze his fingers on the doorknob. Female. Damn, she smelled good. Human. Wolf. Wait…both? The copper tang of blood hit his nose. And injured.

He flung open the door. His abrupt move caught his visitor off guard, one small, white fist raised to knock. The woman startled and fell forward. Catching her, he pulled her inside, kicking the door shut with his foot.

She sagged against him, a shivering bundle of wet woman. Underneath the dampness, her scent drop-kicked his gut. Apples and cinnamon. Roses and honey. His body perked up, taking extreme notice. He fought the growl of possession threatening to tear out of his throat. Holy hell, had his potential mate just walked into his home in the middle of a storm?

The scent of her blood jump-started his brain into action. He lowered her gently to the floor. “Jesus. You okay?”

His instincts urged him to check her for wounds, but he was a stranger and didn’t want to spook her. But goddamn, he wanted to touch her. Peel off her wet clothes. See all of her. With a jacket covering her torso, tight jeans hiding her legs, and her ball cap pulled low on her face, all he’d seen so far was her quivering pale chin, full red lips, and those delicate, trembling hands.

“S-s-sorry, d-dripping all ov-v-ver your f-f-floor,” she said, teeth chattering. Her snow white fingers curled on the hardwood, arms trembling with her effort to keep herself upright. Blood streaked the wood. A line of liquid crimson slid down her jaw and dripped from her chin onto her jacket.

To hell with propriety. “You’re injured. Let me help you.” He pulled off her cap and damn near swallowed his tongue.

Big green eyes blinked up at him from a face so pale it made him think of moonlight. Drenched, short black hair lay plastered to her head, the ends framing features reminiscent of the fairies his sister loved to draw for the hidden-object games she designed. Ethereal beauty. My beauty. He stroked a knuckle down her cheek then ran his thumb over her soft, full lower lip.

She flinched and batted his hand away, falling to her side in the process.

Ross snapped back to reality with a healthy hit of guilt. “Shit. Sorry.”

His gaze shot to her forehead where a two-inch cut sent blood trailing over her prominent cheekbone with its silky-smooth skin he’d so enjoyed caressing—

Shit. He gave himself a mental ass kicking for scaring her. “I’m Ross. You’re safe here. Promise.”

About the Author:

Celia lives in California with her husband, daughter, and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for werewolves, vampires, and the Fae. Her award-winning vampire series - The Tranquilli Bloodline - is available from Champagne Books. Diamond Moon is her first werewolf story for Decadent Publishing’s Black Hills Wolves shifter line.

When not writing, you’ll find Celia exercising, reading a good book, hanging with her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

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L.J.K. Oliva

L.J.K. Oliva Spotlight

A World Apart
Shades Below
Book One
L.J.K Oliva

Genre: Urban fantasy

Book Description:

"There are things that go bump in the night, Mr. MacMillian. It's my job to bump back."
Private investigator Jesper MacMillian was sure he'd seen it all. After all, in a city like San Francisco, strange is what's for breakfast. Following a long recovery after a horrific accident, his life is finally the way he wants it- or at least, close enough. The only monsters on his radar are the ones that keep him awake at night.

All that changes the day he meets Lena Alan.

Before MacMillian has a chance to brace for impact, Lena drags him into a world where monsters aren't just real, they're hiding in plain sight. Suddenly, everything he knows is suspect, starting with his current case. For Lena, a medium since childhood, it's just another day at the office. For MacMillian, it's the beginning of the end of everything he thinks he knows.


The elevator came to a stop. The doors started to open. MacMillian backed away and shook his head. "Do me a favor. Leave now. Don't come here again."

He stepped into the hallway, then froze. Clustered outside the door to the office was a horde of people, the widest slice of humanity he'd ever seen crammed into one place. There were cowboys, businessmen, soldiers. Native Americans, what looked to be early Chinese, and more than a few women resembling the one from the side street.

The woman stepped out of the elevator behind him. She hissed. "Jesus. Is it always like this here?"

MacMillian stared down at her. "What are you- you can see them?"

She rolled her eyes. "Well, obviously. I'm a medium, remember?" She started down the hallway, paused, and glanced over her shoulder. "Are you coming?"

MacMillian hung back. She shrugged. "Suit yourself."

She walked up to the edge of the crowd and cleared her throat. "Okay, someone want to tell me what you're all doing here?"

Multiple heads swung towards her. An elderly man in a suit that would have been the height of fashion in the late eighteen-hundreds stepped forward. MacMillian strained his ears, but he couldn't hear what the man said. The woman listened closely, made a curious sound in the back of her throat and turned back to him. "He says there's a medium here. Are you sure you're not sensitive?"

He was feeling rather sensitive, but he shook his head. "I don't even know what that means."

The woman humphed. "That's what I thought." She turned back to the man. "So you're all here to be moved on?"

The man nodded.

Her shoulders relaxed. She reached out and took the man's hand in hers. His eyes widened, then a peaceful look came over his face. His lips turned up. White light appeared in the center of his chest, expanded outward until his entire body glowed. With what looked like a sigh of relief, he evaporated.

MacMillian's jaw dropped.

The woman moved slowly through the crowd. Hand after hand reached out for her. She took each one, held on until its owner flashed white and disappeared. By the time she reached the office door, the hallway was empty. She leaned back hard against the wall and closed her eyes.

MacMillian didn't remember moving, but somehow he was standing in front of her. He closed his free hand around her arm and towed her inside, not stopping until they reached his office.

He slammed the door. "What the... what was..." He dragged a sleeve across his brow. It was drenched in sweat, but his skin felt freezing.

The woman watched him, her eyes sympathetic. "Rough day, Magnum?"

He glared.

She sighed and rubbed her forehead. "That, my dear detective, was the other San Francisco. You've probably seen it before, just out of the corner of your eye. You've probably dismissed it all your life. Maybe you always told yourself you'd just had too much to drink." She paused, her gaze heavy on his face. MacMillian squirmed. "But I'm guessing you always knew better."

His head was throbbing. He shook it once, twice, but it didn't clear. "I don't get it, Miss..."

"Alan," she supplied.

He nodded. "Ms. Alan. Why are you here?"

Her eyes darkened. "Because there are things that go bump in the night, Mr. MacMillian. It's my job to bump back."

About the Author:

L.J.K Oliva is the devil-may-care alter-ego of noir romance novelist Laura Oliva. She likes her whiskey strong, her chocolate dark, and her steak bloody. L.J.K. likes monsters... and knows the darkest ones don't live in closets.

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Lisa Medley

Excerpt by Lisa Medley

Reap and Repent
The Reaper Series
Book 1
Lisa Medley

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Reapers, Demons, Angels, Sex

Words 84K
326 pages

Book Description:

They see death. Can they share a life?

Ruth Scott can read the energy of every person she meets. Then she meets Deacon Walker. She can see his ice-blue eyes, his black hair, and his gorgeous face. But this beautiful stranger has no aura.

Deacon is just as unsettled by Ruth—and, having spent more than two hundred years ushering souls to Purgatory, Deacon is seldom shocked by anything. As he helps Ruth to understand her true nature, she awakens desires that he decided long ago a Reaper can't afford. 

A demon invasion forces Deacon to confront the darkness in his own past even as he fights to save the human souls he’s charged to protect. When he’s taken captive, his first concern is for Ruth. But Ruth just might be able to save herself—and the Reaper she can’t live without—if she can learn to wield her newfound powers.


Not their first meeting but the first with introductions:

“Ruth, my name is Deacon. You might have noticed that I have some rather unusual abilities. For one, I’m very fast when I want to be. For another, I can affect your mood by touch, which I did just now to calm you. I don’t want to hurt you, but I do need to know a few things. What are you?”

What am I? Uh, a girl would be a good start. What the hell?

She shook her head side to side, indicating “No.”

“No, you don’t understand? Or no, you don’t know what you are?” he asked, obviously growing frustrated.

She shook her head again.

“Okay, this isn’t going to work unless you speak. I don’t read minds, you know.”

Good to know, she thought. What came out was, “I don’t understand.”

“When we ran into each other at the hospital, you had no aura. What are you? Are you a reaper? An angel? Christ on a crutch, you aren’t a valkyrie, are you?” he asked, running a hand through his hair, pushing it away from his face. “I’m betting no on the angel front because the Reiki energy doesn’t seem to work on angels. So what are you?”

“A student. Or, I was a student. Now I’m just... I don’t know what you’re talking about—angels and reapers and valkyries. I’m...human?”

“You are more than human.”

“I’m not. What do you want with me?”

“I want answers. In the hospital, I sensed something about you when we met... Your mother was Mary Scott. Correct? She died in that hospital room while you were there?”

“I didn’t do that. It wasn’t my fault,” she blurted out.

“Okaaay,” he proceeded cautiously. “Did you touch her before you left?”

She considered him, her mouth going dry. She had touched her. She’d given her that final kiss on the forehead.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Ruth couldn’t look at him as she began to realize what all of this might mean. Had her bizarre handicap really killed her father, and now her mother, too?

She was a killer.

“You’re not a killer,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“I thought you couldn’t read minds!” She sobbed, tears choking her throat closed. It’s my fault. I AM a killer.

“You’re not,” he insisted. “I think you’re a reaper, like me.”

Her heart starting beating faster and her vision started to go blurry around the edges. The whole room sped down a black chute into darkness. She was going to pass out. She was going to pass out with a strange supernatural man in her house.

God help me.

About the Author:

Lisa has always enjoyed reading about monsters in love and now she writes about them, because monsters need love too. She adores beasties of all sorts, fictional as well as real, and has a farm full of them in her Southwest Missouri home, including: one child, one husband, two dogs, two cats, a dozen hens, thousands of Italian bees, and a guinea pig. She may or may not keep a complete zombie apocalypse bug-out bag in her trunk at all times, including a machete. Just. In. Case.

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Cloey's Guides Are Here!

Cloey's Guide To Promoting Your eBook is Live!

Psst... hey, Cloey here, Guest what I did? I recorded my first podcast show! My first recording studio is ready and my very first podcast is now live in iTunes. It was a lot harder than I expected but I got through it and with more episodes I'll get better. I am still trying to find my comfort zone and I can't wait to get there - I am very excited.

My intentions are to have two free shows, a podcast for readers and a podcast for writers but I need to roll out one at a time. The writer's podcast is the first to go live and it's called "Cloey's Guide To Promoting Your eBook". Go to to listen to my very first episode or to iTunes at I was nervous, awkward, and uncomfortable the whole time that I was recording it. Let me know what you think about it your feedback is highly appreciated. You can leave me a message on my listener voicemail feedback line at 732-455-9814.

Cloey's Guide To Promoting Your eBook is a weekly show for aspiring writers and new authors. I have met many new authors who were confused with all of the information that's available to them. They really need help navigating the steps that will help them release a quality book for their target market. If you are one of the authors or writers that I've met then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I plan to address your needs while inviting industry professionals to come on my show for discussions and interviews.

We will discuss what you need to do as a writer and author to release, market. and promote your ebooks - I’m keeping it simple. I know that there are many books and maybe even podcasts out there giving advice on the subject of promoting ebooks but my show will be different. I am giving out of the box tips and tricks in a way that will be easy to understand and implement.

I am also inviting people who are doing things right - they already have their books out there in front of their audience. Come and learn from your peers and industry professionals. The industry professionals will also be available for hire if you need their help. 

This show will provide the most helpful information in an easy to learn and also easy to implement format.

I actually wanted to write a "how-to" book but thought that the resources and information would be better presented as a podcast. You will be able to listen anywhere you are and also have the opportunity to utilize my companion website at any time. I am very excited about Cloey’s Guide To Promoting Your eBook and I hope that you listen to an episode and let me know what you would like to learn in the upcoming episodes.

The second podcast show that I plan to start is "The Book Junkie’s Guide To The Galaxy". This show is for readers. I’ll let you know more about it as I get closer to recording my first episode.

You can find me on Twitter @CloeyWorld and or at my podcast website at I am looking forward to creating informative shows that will take your eBook to the next level.