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Lauren Hunter

Today we have the honor of having Lauren Hunter the author of The Promise and The Coffee Shop (click here for my review) visiting us to discuss The Promise (click here for my review). I loved both of her books and am happy to say that I do like a happily ever-after ending too some times. The Coffee Shop is a story about Derrick Sloane. Derrick meets the girl of his dreams literally when he gets caught up in a Butterfly Effect that lasted over several time lines. It is a beautiful love story. The Promise was my first Regency Romance and I really liked it. There is a paranormal twist to the story that will keep you entertained. Thank Ms. Hunter for stopping by and giving us an interview. You may purchase The Promise or The Coffee Shop today. 

Here is what Ms. Hunter has to say about The Promise:

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Lauren: I can't say there was any one defining moment. I didn't wake up one day and say: I want to be a writer. I guess I could say the seed was always there, right from elementary school. We would be required to write a story each week. For some reason the teacher would read my stories to the class. This was my first inkling they must be okay. But I still never really had that drive to pursue writing as a career. I never really stopped though, as I would write poems and short stories. I was in my twenties when I thought of trying my hand at writing a full length novel. I worked on it on and off over the years, finally finished it, and then started on another. I didn't try to look for a publisher at that time, but I didn't stop writing either. So at some point I came to the realization that I always had the writing bug, I just didn't acknowledge it until much later.

Cloey: What inspired you to write The Promise?

Lauren: I love regencies, their innocence, their humour, and it just seemed like a genre I could feel really comfortable with. Whenever I come up with an idea it usually just happens out of the blue. I will get a story idea, and then it quickly fleshes out in my head. I can't say where the inspiration comes from, perhaps from reading another author's book, or watching a really great movie, or just the love of writing. It seems to have a life of its own, it lets me know when its ready, and I go along for the ride. 

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character and why?

Lauren: That's like asking a parent which child they like best. I don't have a favourite, and in this story I don't hate any of them either, but I can say I like each for their own unique qualities that appeal to me. Elizabeth is young and desperate to be a part of the world she's witnessed growing up. Yes she is naive, but she is quick to learn. Her youthful love of life, and jump-without-looking approach, gets her into more trouble than she'd like to admit. But I love her passion and spirit.

Anthony is this wounded soul, feeling lost and alone in the world, but trying to hide it behind a devil-may-care attitude, and yes, being quite selfish in the process. But that he sees a chance for happiness in Elizabeth, a chance to regain what he once thought lost to him, makes you want to cheer him on. It allows you to see glimpses of the real man once more, that had been buried so many years ago. 

Sarah is the friend everyone wants, dependable, march through fire for you if necessary, kind of person. She doesn't want to see Elizabeth hurt, and will do anything to prevent it. 

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing The Promise?

Lauren: I found the in-depth research into the era fascinating. As writers, when we research, the vast majority of what we find out never gets onto the page. You want to give a sense of another time and place, through tidbits of description that set a mood. But you have to be careful not to hit your reader over the head with it either. It becomes a balancing act of just enough, but not too much. But the things I learned could fill volumes on their own. How they lived, their daily rituals, and dress, and food. How society dictates the lives of people, or brands them.

Cloey: What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life? 

Lauren: The research was the biggest challenge. But I don't really look upon it that way. I love to find out the details of the behind the scenes life. To me it adds a whole other layer of depth to what life was like in the regency. 

Cloey: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in The Promise?

Lauren: During the editing process the story was changed a great deal. What you see before you today is the fulfillment of that collaboration. 

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Lauren: I have so many ideas for novels and short stories, that I have to allow my gut to guide me in that decision. I have a number of projects I'd like to launch into, but I am still uncertain which one to do first.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time?

Lauren: When I am promoting and writing I work until I fall asleep. I don't have free time to read. But if I do find a moment my tastes are very eclectic. It is very much like my writing, I write in many different genres, so depending on my mood I may read Keats or Byron, Stephen King, or Nicholas Sparks, Homer or Nietzsche, etc. I read for entertainment, and I also love to read to learn.

Cloey: Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to interview with us today. It is always a pleasure speaking with you.

If you would like to know more about Lauren Hunter check out her bio:

Lauren Hunter is a writer of paranormal romance and Regency paranormal romance novels, with plans to write in a variety of other genres, including time travel, angel, ghost, and contemporary romance. Her paranormal romance, The Coffee Shop, and her paranormal Regency, The Promise, are now available through Musa Publishing, with the second and third installment of a paranormal regency trilogy soon to be released.

You can follow Lauren Hunter at:


Buy The Promise on amazon:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DVR Wednesday

This week's DVR pic is Revolution:

One night the lights went out and everything stopped working. The Internet, electric, cell phones, cars, every piece of technology. Everyone was left in the dark all over the world. Governments failed and Militias were formed. The cities turned into war zones and if you didn't leave the cities you were SOL

That is how the show starts but the story takes off 15 years later in a post apocalyptic world. Now the head of the Monroe Militia wants to find out how to turn the lights back on.

When Captian Tom Neville of the Monroe Militia came into a village to find Ben Matheson or his brother Billy he discovered Ben living there with his family. There was a fight between the malitia and the towns people to protect Ben but things didn't end well and Captian Neville kidnapped Ben's son Danny. When Charlie, Danny's sister found out Danny was missing she went on a journey to find her uncle Miles Matheson for help.
Each episode pulls us into the lives of Charlie's band of survivors who set out to rescue Danny, overthrow the Militia, and hopefully turn the power back on. 

The story is good and each episode builds upon the last. The show also gives us flash backs to explain things along the way which is very helpful. When I saw the trailer for this one I had to add it to my DVR immediately and was not disappointed.

You can watch episodes on or Netflix. The season is almost over and I am hopping they bring it back. So go to and click on the episode guide and watch the shows in order. This is a very good one for those who like post apocalyptic worlds. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Out of Nowhere

Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc

Entertaining you really should read this one...

Sean Danet is happy working as a paramedic and he is good at it. He loves his coworkers and life is perfect for him. But he has a secret he don't want anyone to know about and that makes it difficult to get close to him. Life is good until he helps a guy with a broken ankle then very bad people with the ability to transport into thin air is after him to kill him. This story is very cool.

So here's what I liked, it is one of those stories where the characters act the way I would expect in the real world and that for me is refreshing. Sean is not rich but he has a stash of cash at the ready just in case he needs to disappear. He has military experience which makes him a badass when it is necessary. And I liked the interactions between Sean and his EMS partners. Their banter was realistic and very funny in a North Eastern US sort of way. I laughed out loud many times.

I would like to share with you the gist of a funny conversation between Sean and Pete about Katie another EMS worker who flirts and sleeps with men in uniform. Pete wants to know if she has piercings below her neck so he wants to bring refrigerator magnates to the bar they will be hanging out at and throw them at her to see where they stick! Really dude? I laughed out loud at that one.

The story is a page turner too. The book has was just enough romance to keep my interest. There wasn't an overkill of graphic violence either and there was enough history to keep me reading. I recommend reading this one and I am looking forward to a sequel if Mr. LeClerc writes one.

The overview...

An urban fantasy, pacy, funny and compelling to the last page…

Healer Sean Danet is immortal—a fact he has cloaked for centuries, behind army lines and now a paramedic’s uniform. Having forgotten most of his distant past, he has finally found peace—and love.

But there are some things you cannot escape, however much distance you put behind you.

When Sean heals the wrong man, he uncovers a lethal enemy who holds all the cards. And this time he can’t run. It’s time to stand and fight, for himself, for his friends, for the woman he loves. It’s time, finally, for Sean to face his past—and choose a future.

A story of love, of battle—and of facing your true self when there’s nowhere left to hide.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DVR Wednesday

This week's DVR Wednesday is all about Grimm!

Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt was an ordinary man going to work every day at the Portland Police Bureau and working his shifts with his friend and homicide partner Hank Griffin. He was even making plans for his future with his girlfriend Juliette Silverton. Then it all changed.

Suddenly Nick started seeing strange things happen to the faces of people when he looked at them. The occurrences were sporadic though so he simply discounted the wired sightings for fatigue or bad lighting - he ignored it. Then one night his Aunt Marie came to visit and opened his mind to another world of Wesen creatures living among humans. Nick Burkardt is a Grimm, he is descended from a line of Grimms who are hunters of the Wesen creatures. A Grimm keeps the balance between the supernatural world and the human world – a guardian. 

While working on a murder case Nick meets Monroe, a Wesen aka a Wider Blutbad. When he shows his Wesen face he is a scary looking creature who when provoked can be very dangerous. Monroe becomes a friend and go-to person for information that Nick cannot locate in his families records. Then there is Captain Sean Renard, Nick and Hanks boss, he has secrets that are slowly unfolding as the season goes along. 

If you hear the words Blutbad, Fuchsbau, or Hexenbiest and know what or who they are then you probably are already a fan. For everyone else, this show will satisfy your appetite for dark fantasy – well... as dark as it can get on regular TV anyway. Check it out – I have it on my DVR and never miss a show.

Go to for information about the show, the schedule, social networks, and episodes. Also check out the exclusives tab while you are there.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Promise

The Promise (A Regency Romance) By Lauren Hunter

This was my first regency romance and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. I felt like I was transported back in time to the 1800's. Awesome!

Just in case you didn't know, regencies take place in England during the Regency period between 1811 - 1820. And a traditional regency is rated G and are based on humor, wit, and misunderstanding. Ms. Hunter adds a paranormal twist to her stories along with kissing which makes her regencies such good reads.

It was nice reading a romance novel with... well... romance and no sex. I thought that Anthony and Elizabeth were going to get together much sooner then they did but was glad that they didn't because Ms. Hunter surprised me when it happened. I found myself smiling throughout the story, well done Ms. Hunter. I highly recommend reading this book. it is a feel good story with a happily ever after ending that will have you saying that was so sweet.


Anthony Thornhill, the Duke of Albourne, was quite enjoying the close company. He had to admit, she was not like the many other girls he had known, all fluttering eyelashes and coy smiles behind lace fans. No, she was quite extraordinary, and the fact that she was not already melting under his most capable charm, as every other sweet young thing to have graced his presence had done, was evidence enough of that. She intrigued him, this young woman before him, and engendered a sense of challenge within him. And he was never more alive than when aroused by a challenge as sweet as Lady Elizabeth.

He grinned, observing her downward glance, and then looked in the direction of the refreshment tables. “It would seem that I must attend to this,” he admitted with a note of reluctance, having come to appreciate their intimate circumstance. “If you would wait for me here, I won’t be but a—”

Lady Elizabeth gasped as someone fell against her, pushing her into Anthony. He reached out quickly, catching her in his arms. The impact knocked him back although he braced against it.

Forgive me,” Lady Elizabeth uttered. Her palms pressed firmly into the now taut muscles of Anthony’s chest. She tried to right herself, but the man who’d knocked her over was still pushing against her as he attempted to stand.

The fragrance of lilacs rose before Anthony, the firmness of Lady Elizabeth’s body now deliciously warm as she was pressed helplessly against him. He tightened his arms around her. Her silken curls caressed his face and as the pink of her cheeks deepened noticeably, he smiled.

He liked the way she felt in his arms. In fact, he’d been thinking about it ever since she’d stumbled into those same arms earlier in High Street. Only then, the moment had been lost before he’d had the opportunity to really enjoy it.

Now, he was definitely enjoying the moment, and the fact that he was unable to move—unable to do anything in which he could remedy the situation—was no cause for alarm as far as he was concerned. Although she was trying desperately to pull away, moving her body ever so slightly against him in the process, it only served to heighten his pleasure.

Lady Elizabeth—”

The man righted himself and Lady Elizabeth was at last able to free herself.

You must believe me the clumsiest fool, sir,” she said to Anthony, her hands still firmly pressed upon the embroidered grey silk of his waistcoat.

I could never believe that of you, Lady Elizabeth.” An errant curl had come loose, its raven tress descending upon the milky white of her neck, and he watched as she tried unsuccessfully to tuck it back into place.

He realized he had been staring. “Lady Elizabeth?” He hesitated, hoping his words would bring those green eyes to look upon him, her gaze having been directed everywhere but. “Lady Elizabeth, I—”

The overview...

Unable to prevent his first love, the Lady Marianne, from being struck down by a carriage in a London street, Anthony Thornhill, heir to the Duke of Albourne, watches her die in his arms. 

Believing her lost to him forever, he tries to forget her through an endless line of ladies, his rakish ways leaving him empty and wanting. That is until he literally bumps into the Lady Elizabeth, his curiosity aroused. Drawn to her, because she reminds him of a loss he will never regain, he comes to realize she just may be the Lady Marianne, fulfilling a promise of a dance that never was. His only problem…she does not remember him.

Can he bring her memories forth, allowing her to see him as she did then? To know him once more and reclaim the love for him she once had? Or will she be lost to him forever?

Buy it today on amazon

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DVR Wednesday

One of my fav shows on DVR Wednesday is...

I bet if I asked the question, "Those of you who have heard of The Walking Dead series on TV raise your hands" to a room of 200 random people at least 50% would raise their hands. And, if I wanted to look closer at the make up of the group I would probably find that they are all within the ages of 18-54. Why? because it is one of the hottest dramas on cable TV - period. Well, and 18-54 is their target market.

One day Rick Grimes and the other deputies from his Sheriff’s department were having an average day at work, well average for a deputy in Georgia. Rick and his partner was called along with other deputies to set up a road block in an attempt to stop a criminal from fleeing town but the criminal shot Rick and sent him to the hospital. Rick fell in and out of consciousness until passing out completely. When Rick woke up (some unknown days later) he discovered that his room was not cleaned in days, his IV went dry, the air conditioning units were off, and he was uncomfortable. He tried to get up but fell off his bed and his journey begins…

Rick Grimes woke up to a post-apocalyptic Georgia and the Zombies are hungry! He eventually leaves the hospital grounds to find his wife and son but when he finds his house empty he looks for answers. While Rick is out trying to sort things out and wrap his mind around all of the dead bodies he has seen he meets a few survivors who tells him what is happening. Rick decides to find other survivors and bonds with a group with a common goal to find help and survive the Zombies.
Now, I cannot speak for everyone but the reason why I like this show is because to me it seems like real life situations in a post-apocalyptic world. The dynamic of the group keeps changing because some people are bitten, eaten, or simply leave the group while new people join along the way. The survivors are a sample of the racial and social makeup of America and it makes an interesting show. Rick Grimes and his group are not the only groups out there so they are fighting more than Zombies during any given show.

Go to and check out the schedule for your area, set your DVR to record or mark your calendar and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

J. Perry Kelly

J. Perry Kelly has come to visit us today to discuss his novel called The Sibyl Reborn. This is the entertaining and enlightening story of how Cassandra Shavano saved the world.  Cassandra is a Global Warming activist who meditates, hikes, practices Creative Visualization, and loves her husband Greg, her dog Homer, and her cat Caesar. There are many characters with personal agendas even a few unexpected ones who will leave you laughing. This story also has many twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. Thank, Mr. Kelly, for your interview and for giving us a very good story to read. If you are interested in purchasing The Sibyl Reborn buy it now on amazon. Here is what Mr. Kelly had to say about The Sibyl Reborn:

1. What inspired you to write The Sibyl Reborn?

In 1997, I fell asleep while driving and awoke from a coma paralyzed by a spinal cord injury. My wife later suggested I try writing a novel as a positive focus for my life and thoughts. At the time, my hands were still partially impaired, so scrawling the initial drafts on yellow tablets acted as a therapy in more than one way (my hands eventually recovered).

2. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes! Part of my need to write this story concerns the direct cause of my accident. I knew I was falling asleep, and yet I continued to drive because I'd stubbornly determined to make it halfway to Colorado before stopping for the night. I actually paralyzed myself and put my wife through a nightmare because I ignored my reality for the sake of a [comparatively] meaningless goal. Therefore, in writing The Sibyl Reborn, the subtle warning I've tried to share with the reader is this: Take care when interpreting reality to fit momentary convenience...because to reach our ultimate goals, we need to know where we are clearly to choose our steps. 

3. Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character and why?

LOL! That's a dangerous question! (I could write volumes:<) To tell the truth, my characters have been inside my head for so long I think they're real-like Cassandra is probably hiking today with Homer in Polecat Gulch while Sylvia taps out a new expose' in Denver (and Margot hatches a blackmail scheme using E.R.P.). If you forced me to pick, I'd say that Sylvia is my favorite because her background, ambitions, and internal conflicts offer options galore for character arc. Farr is probably my least favorite because he's so devious he revolts me.   

4. What did you enjoy most about writing The Sibyl Reborn?

That's easy! Surprising my wife and making her laugh when I read each scene to her aloud. I read these scenes within a year or two my SCI when our situation was especially grim and she needed to laugh. Plus, I love the sound of her laughter. As an extra benefit, I figured if the story entertained her, perhaps The Sibyl Reborn had potentials.

5. What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life?

The biggest challenge was overcoming my ego. I apparently thought I was Charles Dickens reincarnated because my first drafts were so crammed with complex sentences and compound words it required a feat of concentration even for me to picture the action. Luckily, my wife-who's my template for Cassandra-has a bluntness and spirit to match. She tore it to shreds (my ego:~) so many times I finally sought professional help (for my writing, not my psyche) and admitted my blunders.

6. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in The Sibyl Reborn?

Nope. I think it says exactly what I wanted to say. Believe me, (to paraphrase Jane Austen from Pride and Prejudice) having taken fifteen years to publish The Sibyl Reborn after sketching its initial draft, I hardly would have scrupled to wait another ten to get it right.. ;~)

7. When did you become interested in writing?

Good question!

I first approached writing seriously while writing non-fiction articles about Science during my stem cells activism. I was then the biotech writer for The Seoul Times. I also wrote commentaries for online journals. My exposure to national biotech policy-making caused me to realize The Sibyl Reborn was hugely relevant to how politicians and industries manipulate the public (and our climatic future). I therefore returned to the manuscript determined to study novel-writing to give my characters and their story the attention they deserved.
8. What do you like to read in your free time?

If I'm reading (as opposed to listening to audio books for entertainment), I tend to read non-fictions about writing, public speaking, environmental issues, or psychology. Listening to audio books allows me to experience the story along with Selene (which we enjoy far more than TV). Our tastes are pretty eclectic. We like to laugh with P.G. Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett; but we also like science fiction (The Host by Stephanie Meyers), urban fantasy (Enchantment by Orsen Scott Card), classics, and mysteries.

9. Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you)

The right music at the right time can rivet me. Songs like Jackson Browne's "Before the Deluge," or "Beneath a Phrygian Sky" by Loreena McKennitt inspire me to return to my writing until I find the right word and emotions to convey an important thought. I think to myself, "They've touched your life and who you are through their words and voice. What a wonderful legacy! Maybe you can do the same if you 'get it right.' Like Cassandra on the first page of The Sibyl Reborn, I suppose we both want to make a positive difference.  

**    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    ****    **

Thank you so much, Mr. Kelly for sharing your inner-most thoughts on the process of creating and writing The Sibyl Reborn with us. Your personal journey is also challenging and noteworthy. You have turned a devastating event into your motivation to change the world for the better - bravo! I am honored to have met you and wish you well on your journey bringing Cassandra's story to the world.

Would you like to know more about Mr. Kelly? Check out his Bio:

Sometimes life gives us what we ask for but definitely not what we want.

In 1997, facing a job transfer to a strange state, I used metaphysics to ask the universe for a way to stay in Colorado without being tied to the railroad industry. A month later, I fell asleep while driving and awoke paralyzed for life—with a disability income that allowed me stay in Colorado. Even worse, I had known I was falling asleep but kept driving willfully. I told myself I'd be okay and kept driving for my convenience the following day...a day I spent in a coma.

I little suspected my blunders would lead to my twice serving as a surrogate White House spokesperson, or to my glimpsing a terrible connection between my accident, my paralysis, politicians, and global warming...or to the novel that Cloey so kindly reviewed. 

Before my spinal cord injury, I loved hiking, dancing to wild Appalachian or Celtic music, my wife Selene, our cat and dog (a mostly-beagle named Homer), and my job as a train dispatcher. Becoming paralyzed didn't change my loves--only my options for expressing them. Rather than hike with Selene, I imagined her in The Sibyl Reborn as a young newlywed who loves to hike and who’s the reincarnated "Cassandra," the Trojan sibyl famed for never being believed when she tells the truth. Because my Cassandra, an environmentalist, would never give up over being laughed at or scorned, I depicted her using creative metaphysics to unearth the prehistoric roots of her curse with disastrous effects for her and Man.

Today I live with Selene near the foot of Pikes Peak where I commune daily (via peanuts and birdseed) with chipmunks, squirrels, a mule deer named "Chloe" (Cloey, I swear we named her Chloe long before I met you...and she's really a sweet and lovely deer!:~). If you're curious about my novel or would just like to connect, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd like to meet you. 

Cordially yours! James.

Still want to know more about The Sibyl Reborn or Mr. Kelly? Follow the links at:

 Website: or follow him on Twitter @thesibylreborn

The story is entertaining and enlightening, the price is right too so why not give it a try and buy it today at amazon you will not be disappointed

Monday, November 12, 2012

Broken Aro

Broken Aro (The Broken Ones) by Jen Wylie

This story had me on the edge of my seat!

The book teeters on the edge of being a dark fantasy. Just when I thought it was slipping into the dark side Ms. Wylie lightened it up. She is a very talented writer and knows how to deliver emotions. I smiled and sniffled all throughout this book.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what happens next. Imagine being taken away from everyone and everything you love and dumped into a life of hell. Now add some pain, suffering, and being hungry all the time while struggling to stay alive - yes it was like that and more. This is the story of how a girl named Aro lost everything and gained a new family of lovable guys. They pretty much adopt each other as family and help one another to stay alive. And this is a Young Adult Fantasy, I know...sick right? It is an awesome book! One that you will want to tell your friends about. Go ahead, buy them a copy, or tell them to buy their own, they will not be disappointed, I promise.

One thing I didn't like though was the sudden ending. It was a bit abrupt - not even a cliff hanger it was just...weird. There are also editing errors. Be warned. You will find a few missing words and some awkward sentences but the story is so good you will want to over-look them. Hey, at this price you can't go wrong, right? Check it out anyway and be ready for a very good story then go tell your friends about it because it is that good!


Open your eyes to darkness. What do you see? Does the darkness frighten you? Now imagine the darkness being the cargo hold of a slave ship. Your city has fallen. Your family is most likely dead. You don't know anyone around you, and some of them aren't even human. Giving up would be so easy to do, but not for Arowyn Mason. Not after being raised in a military family with seven brothers. Every great story should begin with a plan. Aro's was to escape and to survive.

Escape comes, but at a price. As they reach the shore, Aro and the other survivors learn that freedom doesn't mean safety. The slavers want their property back and will do anything to get it. The party uses every ounce of their brute strength, a hearty helping of cunning, and even ancient magics to keep themselves alive. Sickness, danger, and even love surprise them at every turn. Dealing with danger becomes their way of life, but none of them ever considered that nothing can be quite as dangerous as a prophecy. Running turns into another race altogether as her world falls to pieces again and again.

Watch for book two, Broken Prince, coming in the spring of 2013!

Buy it now at amazon

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Tip #1

Want to compliment a writer?

First, like their sales page to show your love for his or her book.

Second, share the love by writing a short review and posting it on his or her sales page.

Third, tell your friends, family, and co-workers about the book and why you liked it and to go out and buy the book so they can read it too.

Forth, when you hear about a signing in your area go to show support and bring a friend.

Fifth, leave a comment on blog posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest, you get the idea.

Sixth, remember to buy his or her next book because chances are that if you liked the first one the next will be even better.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Demon Head

The Demon's Head by Richard C. White

A good short story that will leave you wanting more!

This is the story of a man who is finally in the right place at the right time. He wasn't always lucky though and life isn't easy for him as an adult but all he has to do is survive his latest quest then maybe life would be good again and he wouldn't need to get a real job.

Richard C. White knows how to write a story! Wow, I saw what he saw, heard what he heard, and felt what he felt. I was walking in the swamp with him and I didnt even know his name. Yes, you read it correctly... I just read a short story that never mentioned the main character's name and loved it! Who knew. Mr. White captured the essence of the swamp along with the creatures that live there. And wait until you read about the creepy cursed entity waiting for him at the Temple.

Some short stories have a choppy progression between paragraphs which drives me crazy, or they start off slow and builds to a climax, then there are the ones that are nothing more then a chapter from a novel the writer is working on, but not this one. It is a very good short story. Well paced and flowing nicely... I love a well written story. There were no awkward sections at all - this is a sign of an awesome writer. I was hooked very early in my reading and before I knew it the story was over and leaving me wanting more. I didn't even notice that I was turning the pages. I would love to take another journey with this thief - I bet he has many.


Faced with the choice of going hungry or getting a real job, I had to wonder which was worse. Then, my luck changed when I heard about this old abandoned temple. Seemed like a simple job. Get in, grab some treasure, and get out of this one-horse town and back to enjoying life.

Of course, there was the small matter of the temple being in the middle of the swamp, the ferocious creatures living there, and my arch-rival trying to get to the treasure first. Oh, and did I mention the temple was cursed? Looks like my luck's running about normal here. But rivals and curses can be overcome . . . if you don't mind getting your blades a little dirty.

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