Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop by Lauren Hunter

Aww, what a love story...of the weird kind...just the way I like it. This is a great addition to my library.

The only predictable things in this story is Derrick's love for Annie and that things are going to change.

Derrick Sloane is a successful and single businessman who meets the girl of his dreams - yes literally.

It all started with a dream about meeting a women and having a relationship with her - well that's just about where "normal" jumped out of the window. Derrick got stuck in some kind of chaos theory more specifically the butterfly effect that lasted over several time-lines. If you pay attention you will see where the little things happen that changes the larger outcomes in each time-line but one thing always remained the same - Derricks love for Annie.

I liked it plain and simple - it's the kind of story that makes you wonder "what would I do". I didn't get bored and I didn't want to put the book down either - time just flew by because it is a good clean story... done well.

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The overview...

If Derrick thought experiencing alternate timelines and glimpses into the future was strange, then he had no idea it was about to get a whole lot more strange.

When Derrick Sloane meets Annie Maddock and falls madly in love, he believes he's met the girl of his dreams. Only he then awakes to discover she is exactly that...nothing more than a dream. Disheartened, he goes to the first coffee shop he can find. There he meets Annie. She is at the same table, reading the same book, and he fast realizes his dream has shown him his own future. But when a misstep alters that perfect future he tries to fix it, every attempt only making it worse.

Dreaming the future can be a nightmare when you see what's coming...but should you still try to change it?

The Coffee Shop


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