Friday, August 24, 2012

Life Knocks

Life Knocks by Craig Stone

A Very Good Read!

Craig Stone is sharing a part of his life in similes and metaphors leaving you laughing, smiling, sad, and at times wondering WTH? He shows us that for every decision we make there are consequences and possibly even repercussions - these are his.

The book begins with a letter to management resigning his position at a bank. He pretty much says everything everyone has wanted to say at some point in their lives but was too afraid to say. I laughed so hard and so much I had to read it three times. After Mr. Stone walks away from the world of employment which I like to call “The Wheel of Hell” to become a writer his journey begins…and what an interesting journey it is. 

I liked the way he presented his story. I also like what I affectionately now call Craigisms one of which is what he was trying to do all along during a small part of this period of his life, “Perhaps if we choose not to actively participate in life eventually life knocks” …again and again until sometimes it knocks us silly (mine). I am looking forward to reading his book called “The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness” this story begins where “Life Knocks” leaves off.

An overview...

Life Knocks is the story of a guy who falls from grace, but rather than confront that fall, decides to hide in his room and pretend it never happened; but, little by little, Life Knocks... The story will confront, challenge, evoke laughter, tears and, in parts, possibly offence... But then life never claimed to be Disney world. 

Step outside your bubble, because the only thing to fear in life is living in one. Life Knocks is cheaper than a coffee and the Disney Princess Cinderella Flocked Chair – which according to Argos is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom. So, download Life Knocks now.

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