Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ed Undead

Ed Undead by edward Kent

An Awesome Read!

Ed Kent is an ordinary sixteen year old high school student who lives with his mom, dad, and eight year old sister named Sam. Ed's is also a good guy with a beautiful girlfriend named Lisa Jane. One day Ed wakes up and discovers that everyone in his house is gone, so he went out to find out what happened to them and discovered the death and destruction that ultimately led him to the zombies. Imagine that everyone in your town turned into zombies and are after your brains...ewww!

I loved the characters, the story, and even though I figured out the plot early on it was still a good read. Ed is a everyday guy who has hidden leadership abilities that are developing throughout the story. When placed into a bad situation with the zombies he still keeps it together because Ed is a hero. Lisa Jane is smart and a very good second who can kick but all by herself.

The story is funny too. Ed packs a backpack with a few standard supplies like a flashlight, batteries, tape, rope, comics, lighters, and food. I couldn't stop laughing out loud when I read his food choices! Twinkies in his backpack because of their shelf life, really? Well at least he threw in some Mountain Dew and bottled water with his Combos and Doritos.

Mr. Kent, the author, created characters who are likable - I cheered them on throughout the story. I connected with the characters but also the small town life too, maybe because I lived in a small town, possibly. This one is not for adults who are hard core zombie fans, there are no entrails spilling, brain eating scenes to make your stomach spin. This is a young adult read that I would read again this time next year.

The Overview..

I never believed that I would have to live through a zombie apocalypse. One day I was Ed Kirk, a normal sixteen-year-old boy with a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full life ahead of me. Now I'm on the run from zombies, being hunted by a dark force that threatens my very existence, all the while trying to escape this town and find help. Oh, yeah, one more thing: I'm a zombie too!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Journal

So, I'm thinking about having guest blog posts on my blog along with author interviews and premiers. 

I want to keep the content in alignment with reading and the things we do when we read. I would also like to have articles to help writers, something like the importance of book cover art or how to sell.

So far these are only thoughts but my thoughts manifest at the speed of light.

Interested in joining me on this journey? DM me on twitter or email, I'm listening.

Some positive changes are coming soon so keep reading...

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness

The Squirrel That Dreamt of Madness by Craig Stone

A Best Book Ever!

This book is laugh out loud funny. I had to check my laugh volume while reading in public places so that people wouldn't think that I was "that crazy lady". Craig Stone showed me that he has awesome storytelling skills with a story of a guy living in a park while living in the park - really? He pulled it off! I bet Mr. Stone could take any idea and turn it into an entertaining story.

 I have to admit that there were a few parts in the story where I felt embarrassed for Colossus. Then I would bring it all back to reality - anything goes when you are homeless and living in a park. I have never laughed at poo before and this book had me rolling on the floor! You have got to read this one - not for the poo it's much more then that. I didn't get bored and it kept my interest so I didn't want to put it down.

There were a few bumpy areas of concern for the edit police but I think that even you will like this one. Craig Stone has a new fan. I would read this one again and I am looking forward to his next book.

An excerpt: "I feel like talking to my imaginary friend to get some advice to calm myself down, but the last time I spoke to him he told me to stop talking to him like he wasn't there", ...LMBO and this statement is from the only sane homeless man in the park, maybe... priceless!

Check out the overview...

"Sometimes you need sit in the wrong place to see the right view".

What if you listened to that voice in your head telling you to walk out of your job? What if another voice, in a peculiar French accent, was telling you to go and live in a park?
What if you listened to both voices and ended up sitting on a park bench, having walked out on your job and flat earlier that day, with no idea what you are doing?

Well, that's what I did.

This is the story I made up whilst trying to keep my sanity as I lived alone in a park, as I came to terms with what I was doing, after making some extremely bold, and some might say, stupid choices.

I sat under a tree in real life, writing about what it was like to be homeless. After a while, due to starvation and lack of human contact, I started writing a rambling story that was my minds only outlet.

The Squirrel that Dreamt of Madness is that story.
Download this book now, it costs less than a coffee or a box of monster munch, and find out for yourself what the bearded man in the shop doorway is really thinking.

Craig Stone on Twitter: @Robolollycop 

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