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Kelsey Jordan

Interview and Contest by Kelsey Jordan

An Interview between Kelsey Jordan and Ronan a character from:

 The Lycan Hunter

Ronan is stretched out in the theater. The sconces along the wall are softly lit and he's scrolling through the tablet's offering of movies while the cable plays softly in the background.

He pats the seat next to him as a greeting.

Ronin: Want to watch anything in particular?

Me: Not really. I'll be all about the movie and not this interview.

Ronin: Good point, so what do you want to know?

Me: You appear to not take too much seriously. Why is that?

Ronin: I am more serious than I appear. I don't show it because there are enough narcissistic assholes in the world leaking seriousness all over everything. If I make people comfortable, they are more likely to listen. If I have to make my point more forcefully...well, then I do so, but it's usually violent.

Me: Would you lay down your life for Kyran?

Ronin: That's not a serious question. I am his Tepinok. That's my ultimate duty. If I was unwilling to do so, I would dishonor both my position as Tepinok and the Rocky motto.

Me: Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I do have a question about the Rockys.

Ronin: I won't answer any specific questions about the Rockys. You'll have to ask Mikko Wayne for that info.

I nod, but I don't see an interview with the leader of the Rockys happening in the future. If the way he treats his son is any indication, that interview would end with me shaking in a corner somewhere.

Me: Do you ever take over for Kyran?

Ronin: To give him a break? Yeah, but only for a day or so. His job is stressful and there is too much damn paperwork. If I never see another spreadsheet, I'd live happily ever after.

Me: For someone as powerful as you are, why haven’t you started your own pack?

Ronin: I don't want to. Paperwork, remember? Besides, my brother isn't a complete dick so I like where I'm at.

Me: Can you tell me some more about Marcela?

Ronin: She's my everything. I don't even remember my life before her. Scratch that. My choice in movies was better before her. She likes chick flicks.

Me: What is your movie of choice at the moment?

Ronin: Unfortunately, my mate has me watching good movies, so nothing is any better than the others. If I want bad movie, I have to go dig for movies that have better originals like latest Old Boy. The Korean version is a thousand times better.

Me: Would you ever consider sending any children you have become a Rocky?

Ronin: That's not up to me. Any kid I have has to have the mental fortitude to become a Rocky and Mikko Wayne needs to welcome them. What that entails, well, you need to ask Mikko Wayne yourself.

I nod again, knowing it would be a cold day in hell that I ask for an interview with the elusive Mikko Wayne.

Me: Today, what is the worst thing you have experienced? What is the best?

Ronin: Meeting Marcie is hands down the best thing I have ever experienced. The worst? Having to be strong for Alexis after that shitstorm of a meet up with the Hunters. That woman was broken in all the right places, but she refused to let me in. She held it together, so I had to keep it together. I was far from together.

Me: If you could be any God, who would you be?

Ronin: I'll pass. I don't want to do Ky's job. What makes you think I want to rule a domain? Nah. I'll settle for a little peace and any time I have with Marcie. That's all I need.


An ominous feeling settled in her stomach, the sensation surging and plummeting so fast in her gut she had to reach out to grip the desk for stability. The only thing missing was classic horror-themed music as the sinister feeling surged again when Kyran paused as if he was listening for something. Still she couldn’t’t force her feet to move, too drawn in by all the awful possibilities from what the screen showed her.

Theo – like all Hunters – had been trained to be aware of their surroundings yet maintain the appearance that he was unconscious. Alexis found herself hoping that Theo would do something to give himself away. All Kyran would need is a subtle uptick of Theo’s calm heart, a hitched breath, or a subtle muscle movement to show him that Theo wasn’t asleep but pretending. Nothing happened, and Kyran stepped forward. Her gut twisted in agony, but her feet still refused to obey her command to find help.

Kyran was obviously in doctor mode. He would naturally wonder what happened to his patient, wonder if somehow the sedatives that Theo had been given had been too much. He suffered from a kindness that Hunters were trained out of from childhood. His inclination for decency would cost him, but at least he was cognizant that something was unusual. Maybe that would keep him safe enough that she could warn him or send help.

Her gut tightened again, and a quick glimpse showed how close Kyran was to his destruction. She knew she wouldn’t’t find that room in time, so she left the room hoping to find Ronan. Hopefully, it wouldn’t’t be too late.

She began beating on the first door she came to. It swung open to reveal Ronan’s sleep tossed hair, unfocused glare, and gloriously naked body.

“What the hell, Ky – ” His hands flew to his groin when his gaze fell on her.

“Come on. Kyran’s in trouble.”

The Lycan Hunter 
The Gardinian World Series
Book 1
Kelsey Jordan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing
Date of Publication: June 1, 2014

ISBN: 9781620154311

Number of pages: 308

Cover Artist: Greg Simanson

Book Description:

When Alexis James arrives at her first assignment in months, she anticipates the danger and violence rife in her calling as a Lycan Hunter. What she doesn’t expect is a handsome, blue-eyed wolf saving her life and kidnapping her. Surrounded by the enemy, Alexis must not only survive her prisoners but the bonds of a different sort that begin to form against her will.

Mikko Kyran was chosen by the gods to lead his pack, and he has made it his mission to end the eight thousand years of war plaguing his people. The Alpha never suspected that the key to the prophecy ending the Forever War would be held by a smart-mouthed, sexy Hunter determined to kill him.

Can two people from different worlds set aside everything they know about one another long enough to survive retribution from the Hunters, the pack, and the gods? Or will their differences start a war that neither can win?

Written with intensity and depth, The Lycan Hunter is the first in a thrilling new series.

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About the Author:

Kelsey Jordan is the author of The Lycan Hunter, the first book in her Gardinian World series. Though she has a preference for all things paranormal and romantic, Kelsey admits she just writes what her muse demands of her. It’s less painful that way. When she isn’t enjoying the momentary benefits of playing god to the many characters that live in her head, she can usually be found curled up with a book, killing something in a video game, or spending time with her family. At some point in the day she is probably drinking more than her recommended dose of coffee, but don’t tell her that. She doesn’t care about recommended servings.

As a Texas native and self-described Air Force brat, Kelsey now lives in Georgia with her husband and their tutu-wearing minion. Book 2 and 3 of the series will be published by Booktrope Editions late Summer/Fall 2014.

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Tera Shanley

Excerpt and Contest by TeraShanley


Grey’s arms and legs were on fire, burning from his very veins, blistering every nerve ending on the way out. Why was the pain tearing through his chest? He tried to hail the woman but nothing came out except a quiet groan. Was he dying? He arched his neck toward her sister. Her body was so mangled it was all but unrecognizable as human. The girl’s eyes were open, fixed, staring back at him. She was dead. Would he die, too? What was that thing? That monster?

Maybe this was all a dream. Maybe he still slept, back in his campsite a quarter of a mile away. He’d been sleeping there only a few minutes ago. Maybe he was just having a vivid night terror and he’d wake at any moment to the relief that this wasn’t real. The girl slid over to him, but he was already panting in pain. Fire in his blood burned him up.

Her mouth moved, but he couldn’t hear anything over the roaring in his ears. Like helicopter blades, the sound drowned out everything. Her lips were full, and when his vision blurred, he tried to focus on her face. She was beautiful. Tiny. Delicate like a hummingbird. Even through spilling tears, the moss green color of her eyes was clear and compelling.

Her voice overcame the screeching in his ears. “What’s your name?”

“Greyson,” he rasped. “Greyson Crawford.” Someone should know who he was. Notify Dad what had happened there in the woods of Enchanted Rock. “What’s yours?” It was getting so hard to breathe. He had to know. He’d leave the world on her name.

“Morgan. My name’s Morgan.”

Silver Wolf Clan 
Silver Wolf Clan Series
Book 1

Tera Shanley

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing Corp.
Date of Publication: August 4, 2014


Number of pages: 129

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Book Description:

What happens when monsters turn out to be real? One summer night while camping in the woods, Morgan Carter finds out in a big way. A tall mysterious stranger, Greyson Crawford, risks his life to try and save her sister from the vicious wolf attacking their camp. When he’s bitten and disappears into the night, Morgan can only assume the worst.

Greyson shows up a year later, and he’s a different animal altogether. His eye color shifts constantly and the rumble in his throat sounds more animal than human. She hasn’t any idea where he’s been all this time, but a good guess as to what he’s become.

Grey is determined not to let the darkness of his new existence affect Morgan and the little girl in her care. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Morgan but knows he should stay away and let her live a normal life. That’s easier said than done, though. A new danger pulls him from the shadows to keep her safe, and he’s no wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Can she accept what lurks just below his surface? More importantly, can she survive him?

Book Trailer:

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About the Author:

Tera Shanley writes in sub-genres that stretch from Paranormal Romance, to Historic Western Romance, to Apocalyptic (zombie) Romance. The common theme? She loves love. A self-proclaimed bookworm, she was raised in small town Texas and could often be found decorating a table at the local library. She currently lives in Dallas with her husband and two young children and when she isn’t busy running around after her family, she’s writing a new story or devouring a good book. Any spare time is dedicated to chocolate licking, rifle slinging, friend hugging, and the great outdoors.

For more information about Tera and her work, visit