Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DVR Wednesday

This week's DVR pic is Revolution:

One night the lights went out and everything stopped working. The Internet, electric, cell phones, cars, every piece of technology. Everyone was left in the dark all over the world. Governments failed and Militias were formed. The cities turned into war zones and if you didn't leave the cities you were SOL

That is how the show starts but the story takes off 15 years later in a post apocalyptic world. Now the head of the Monroe Militia wants to find out how to turn the lights back on.

When Captian Tom Neville of the Monroe Militia came into a village to find Ben Matheson or his brother Billy he discovered Ben living there with his family. There was a fight between the malitia and the towns people to protect Ben but things didn't end well and Captian Neville kidnapped Ben's son Danny. When Charlie, Danny's sister found out Danny was missing she went on a journey to find her uncle Miles Matheson for help.
Each episode pulls us into the lives of Charlie's band of survivors who set out to rescue Danny, overthrow the Militia, and hopefully turn the power back on. 

The story is good and each episode builds upon the last. The show also gives us flash backs to explain things along the way which is very helpful. When I saw the trailer for this one I had to add it to my DVR immediately and was not disappointed.

You can watch episodes on or Netflix. The season is almost over and I am hopping they bring it back. So go to and click on the episode guide and watch the shows in order. This is a very good one for those who like post apocalyptic worlds. 


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