Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DVR Wednesday

One of my fav shows on DVR Wednesday is...

I bet if I asked the question, "Those of you who have heard of The Walking Dead series on TV raise your hands" to a room of 200 random people at least 50% would raise their hands. And, if I wanted to look closer at the make up of the group I would probably find that they are all within the ages of 18-54. Why? because it is one of the hottest dramas on cable TV - period. Well, and 18-54 is their target market.

One day Rick Grimes and the other deputies from his Sheriff’s department were having an average day at work, well average for a deputy in Georgia. Rick and his partner was called along with other deputies to set up a road block in an attempt to stop a criminal from fleeing town but the criminal shot Rick and sent him to the hospital. Rick fell in and out of consciousness until passing out completely. When Rick woke up (some unknown days later) he discovered that his room was not cleaned in days, his IV went dry, the air conditioning units were off, and he was uncomfortable. He tried to get up but fell off his bed and his journey begins…

Rick Grimes woke up to a post-apocalyptic Georgia and the Zombies are hungry! He eventually leaves the hospital grounds to find his wife and son but when he finds his house empty he looks for answers. While Rick is out trying to sort things out and wrap his mind around all of the dead bodies he has seen he meets a few survivors who tells him what is happening. Rick decides to find other survivors and bonds with a group with a common goal to find help and survive the Zombies.
Now, I cannot speak for everyone but the reason why I like this show is because to me it seems like real life situations in a post-apocalyptic world. The dynamic of the group keeps changing because some people are bitten, eaten, or simply leave the group while new people join along the way. The survivors are a sample of the racial and social makeup of America and it makes an interesting show. Rick Grimes and his group are not the only groups out there so they are fighting more than Zombies during any given show.

Go to and check out the schedule for your area, set your DVR to record or mark your calendar and enjoy the show!


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