Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DVR Wednesday

This week's DVR Wednesday is all about Grimm!

Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt was an ordinary man going to work every day at the Portland Police Bureau and working his shifts with his friend and homicide partner Hank Griffin. He was even making plans for his future with his girlfriend Juliette Silverton. Then it all changed.

Suddenly Nick started seeing strange things happen to the faces of people when he looked at them. The occurrences were sporadic though so he simply discounted the wired sightings for fatigue or bad lighting - he ignored it. Then one night his Aunt Marie came to visit and opened his mind to another world of Wesen creatures living among humans. Nick Burkardt is a Grimm, he is descended from a line of Grimms who are hunters of the Wesen creatures. A Grimm keeps the balance between the supernatural world and the human world – a guardian. 

While working on a murder case Nick meets Monroe, a Wesen aka a Wider Blutbad. When he shows his Wesen face he is a scary looking creature who when provoked can be very dangerous. Monroe becomes a friend and go-to person for information that Nick cannot locate in his families records. Then there is Captain Sean Renard, Nick and Hanks boss, he has secrets that are slowly unfolding as the season goes along. 

If you hear the words Blutbad, Fuchsbau, or Hexenbiest and know what or who they are then you probably are already a fan. For everyone else, this show will satisfy your appetite for dark fantasy – well... as dark as it can get on regular TV anyway. Check it out – I have it on my DVR and never miss a show.

Go to for information about the show, the schedule, social networks, and episodes. Also check out the exclusives tab while you are there.


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