Monday, October 1, 2012


OmniFocus is an awesome app for your iPad and it can be installed on your MAC and iPhone too. I have always multitasked but could never find the perfect app for me until now. I got tired of buying calendars that I used half the year, color coding tasks, loosing sticky notes, and just plain forgetting to place things on my calendar period. To-do lists are another nightmare because I could have 10 lists running simultaneously. OmniFocus took away my nightmares because it handles all of my tasks, projects, and calendars, all in one nice, neat, and easy to use format. And most important... I can back up my data so there is no fear of loosing it - yay!

Here's one example of how I use it:

I have been looking for a new treadmill for most of this year and narrowed my search to two models but they are sold by competing manufacturers. I brought up one of the treadmills in a safari window and clicked my bookmark to send it to OmniFocus and a task window opened up in the app with the link to the treadmill embedded for me ready to use. I then have the option to add notes, times and dates, and assign the task to my project  "My Home Gym", or link more sites and pics. I can even go to the store to see the treadmill in person and take a pic of the price tag, display, and even record the conversation that I have with the sales rep and attach them to the task. Can you see how powerful this app is?

It takes some getting used to if you are not used to using a personal task manager take a  few short minutes to read the instructions. The instructions are set up as tasks to give you hands on experience as you get started. I also recommend watching the videos because this app is powerful and I believe that no two people will use it exactly alike.

The app can be purchased in the app store and priced at: a well spent $20.00


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