Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zombies in Asbury Park

It's here! The 5th anniversary of the apocalypse!

I'll be there too so come join me! 

Saturday October 6, 2012 on the Asbury Park Boardwalk - the 5th Annual Zombie Walk

Every year the horde of Zombies grows bigger and bigger and it's totally FREE! 

The Zombie website says that the Undead Festival is an all day event starting at 10:00am

Come on down dressed in your zombie gear and makeup to take over the city. The Zombie Walk will begin at 5:00pm. Everyone dressed in full zombie gear and makeup walk the boardwalk then shamble towards downtown Asbury park while staying in zombie character! 

When you come to Asbury Park for the apocalypse you will be able to join in the fun of professional artists giving zombie makeovers or the DIY makeup area. The boardwalk is transformed into a zombie world. 

Come on down and join the zombie costume contests, screenings and sneak peeks of the latest zombie movies, shows and video games. There is also zombie dance performances, and so much more - it's all about the zombie!

This is a fun day for all zombie fans alive or undead. for more information visit follow the zombies on twitter @NJZombiewalk


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