Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Sibyl Reborn

The Sibyl Reborn by J. Perry Kelly

Saving humans from themselves can be hazardous to your health...

This is the story of one woman's quest to save the planet against all odds. Cassandra Shavano loves to go hiking, meditating, and taking care of her husband Greg, a cat named Caesar, and a dog named Homer. She is on a mission to end global warming, pollution, animal cruelty, and to create a better world for our future. Casandra, “believes that she'll uncover the key to saving the Earth without paying a horrific price", and after a botched protest at a gold mining company she soon discovers that people don't share her views and would rather see her quiet, dead, or worst. Once Cassandra gets started - mankind will never be the same again! This book is funny, entertaining, and enlightening.

About a month ago someone in one of my reading groups asked if anyone read a book with a protagonist that was similar to themselves and at the time my answered was no. Then came Cassandra. We are similar in many ways, we both meditate and share similar views about pollution and the future of our planet. I liked her straight forward no wavering attitude when she wants to get something done – yeah, that's me too. Cassandra is awesome! There is another character that I like in this story named Margot, she is that evil beyotch neighbor who only cares about personal gain but I like that she also has a soft side too. Then there's Sylvia, a struggling reporter, who wants to move up to a better position at her newspaper but has a conscious – it sucks to be her but I like the way she developed along the way. She had me laughing out loud with her research strategy for her interviews. And finally, there is a cat named Caesar the Wise and Fur-filled... very – very funny. Caesar believes all humans are unworthy two legged creatures, just wait until you read his dialog! There are plots and sub plots with several characters running simultaneously which kept me turning the pages! What a book. It seemed as if every time I sat down to read this book something came up to make me put it down such as work, house cleaning or even sleep – who needs these distractions while reading a good book? Really!

This book was easy to read and very informative. And I want to read it again because there is more to this story then meets the eye. I loved the metaphysical aspects of the story too, those parts were nicely done. I highly recommend this book not only for the entertainment value (which is high) but for the information on relevant issues concerning the future of Mother Earth, even the parts that related to Quantum Theory, which were presented in a way that anyone would understand - were well done. Anyone would like this book, environmentalists, animal activists, conspiracy theorists, the holistic community, and anyone else who is looking for a good read. I would definitely read this one again and the next if Mr. Kelly writes one. Get ready to laugh, maybe cry, and possibly learn something new.

The overview...

When a cursed sibyl turns to metaphysics...

Cassandra Shavano--newlywed, environmentalist, reincarnated prophetess--makes a fatal mistake when she petitions the universe to break a curse while desperately longing for something else: the power to stop global warming. The spell creates a labyrinth fraught with ambition, seduction, murder, and guilt, ensnaring eight people, a teenage ghost, the CIA and our parent species. Trapped in a nightmare of her own invention and stalked by relentless foes, the activist must survive the maze and solve an impossible puzzle, or she'll pay with her life and all she loves for failing mankind in its final hour.

...hidden agendas entangle and crash.

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The Sibyl Reborn (a metaphysical adventure)


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