Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winners of Blogiversary

And the winners are...

I would like to personally thank EVERYONE for participating in the Blogiversary. The awesome authors who created their stories and shared their work to make this party possible. And to the readers who took the time to peruse the posts and to those who had the guts to enter the contests. I hope that each and every one of you found your next hot read here at Cloey's Book Reviews and Other Stuff - you are awesome!


Now on to the winners...

Marianne Morea 2/1
Sarah P.
Amanda R.
Lori H.
Josephine P.
Linda L.

E.B. Walters 2/5
No Contest

Heidi Garrett 2/6
Michael G.

Shelly Munro 2/7
Linda L.
Talina P.
Rose H.
Deb P.

Stacey Kennedy 2/8
Hiedi G.

Pamela Crane 2/11
No Contest

Terri Bruce 2/12
Kathryn P.
Debra G.

Jen Wylie 2/13

Jason Craft, B.L. White, and Amanda White 2/14
Heidi G.

Katy O'Dowd 2/15

Anna Zaires 2/18
Naomi W.

Ryan Attard 2/19
No Contest – Grab the chapters

Peter Lukes 2/20
Tammy S.

Nicholas Olivo 2/21

J. Perry Kelly 2/22
Anushka T.

Eric Diehl 2/25
No contest – Grab the book

Mian Mohsin Zia 2/26
Anushka T.

J.E. Nicassio 2/27
Christian D.

The Dominus Runes by Peter Lukes will rule the blog for one month! Congratulations Mr. Lukes, you've got one hot cover! The cover was designed by Kelly Shorten at Musa Publishing - congratulations Kelly!

Out of 85 votes 42 people said that The Dominus Runes was their favorite cover. I am going to read the book and share my review... I am sooo excited - go get your copy and let's read together, Cloey :)


  1. Congratulations to Dominus Runes for winning the Cover Art Contest!

    Cloey, thank you for having me. Your blogiversay has been wonderful!
    Here's to another great year for you!


  2. Thank you for participating and helping me to make it a success I couldn't do it without you and all of the other awesome people who helped.

    I am looking forward to another fun year and I can't wait to show everyone the new and exciting things that I have planned :)

  3. Thank you so much for this! Yeay, I'm so excited to win this. =D