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Ryan Attard

Ryan Attard  

Character Interview with Amaymon the demon familiar to Erik Ashendale

Cloey: Thank you so much for speaking with me today and answering a few questions for Cloey's Book Reviews and Other Stuff. It's not everyday that I get to interview a demon and I am so happy that you said yes when I asked. 

Cloey: Well, a powerful Demon stuck in the body of a cat! How do you feel about what the other Demons are saying about you?

Amaymon: I couldn't care less about those bastards. They are weak babies who can't even cause proper havoc. I mean, back in the day, I commanded Hell’s Army and razed entire countries. I'd like to see one of them try that. Besides they still speak about the great General Amaymon, King of the Earth. They do it in hushed tones though, because they know they will make a squishy sound when I rip them apart. Which I have done. Several times.

The other cats in the neighborhood know me as ‘The Stud.’ Use your imagination.

Cloey(okaaay feeling awkward now and shifting in my seat) Tell us what you do for fun besides chasing dust balls now that you are a cat?

Amaymon: You read the part about squishy sounds and neighborhood cats right? I enjoy watching Erik’s expression as he tries to eat something and I start licking myself. Talk about your gag reflex. And now I got a hot new succubus to play with, hehe.

I also love watching Erik trying to pick up chicks. The guy has no tact whatsoever. It’s like watching a dog chase a car.

Hell, I’m a cat and even I am more popular with the ladies. Speaking of which, what are you doing later? 

Cloey: (eww! is it getting hot in here? It seems like the air just got sucked out of the room) How do you feel about being a familiar for Erik? 

Amaymon: Lemme see. I was the second most powerful demon in Hell until his ancestors came along, wiped the Emperor off and sealed me away. And then I was forced to be the familiar of probably the most dimwitted wizard in history. It’s not a good feeling. 

Then again, now I get belly rubs and I still own the entire office anyways. Don’t get it sideways: that idiot works for me. 

Cloey: (okaaay) Tell us about the funniest thing that has happened to you while being Erik’s familiar? 

Amaymon: You mean besides the everyday pranks and watching him talk his way deeper and deeper into the ground? 

I remember this one, he asked me to help him out against a ghoul. It was fun watching them cat fight each other. It nearly ripped his chest open. Pretty hilarious. 

There was also the time he chased a tribe of were-bears in the forest and ended up falling face first in bear dung. I may or may not have tripped him. 

Cloey: (eww-eww-eww, and that was fun?!?) And what did you like to do for fun when you were in your demon form and with whom? 

Amaymon: Well, being a cat really makes you miss the simple things, like thumbs. Back in the old days I fought and killed every hour of the day. I really miss that. There is so much potential for chaos in this world, it breaks my heart no to be able to participate in the destruction and mayhem. 

I also had my own personal harem of succubii. I could go into more detail but I suspect there is some form of censor in this blog. 

Cloey: Ah, well, thank you for censoring yourself... (I think? this can't be good) 

Cloey: So, Tell us what you are doing if anything to get back to your Demon form? 

Amaymon: Shhhh!!! That idiot‘s got computers now. He’s probably gonna read this. So no, Erik, I will not smother you in your sleep. Mostly because I have no hands and can’t open the door. 

And even if I did have plans, do you think I’d tell you? Isn’t the whole point of a secret plan to be kept secret? 

Cloey: (jeez what was I thinking here? End.This.Now. and run!) Thank you so much for visiting us at Cloey's Book Reviews and Other Stuff and sharing what it is like for you living in a cat’s body as Erik's familiar. I, ah... well... enjoyed our talk and, hmm... 

Amaymon: The bastard made me do it. 

Disclaimer: All the above responses are from a fictional character. They do not reflect the opinions of the author (Ryan) in any way, shape or form. Please direct your complaints, and sexual harassment cases, to the character in question.

Description of book:

Meet Erik Ashendale, wizard.

He solves all kinds of problems of a magical and freaky nature. Especially when it comes to hunting down the supernatural.

So when he and his talking cat are asked to protect a girl who’s being chased by a big-time demon, they can hardly refuse, especially when the rent's due.

Once the fight takes shape, Erik and the rest of his unlikely companions have to pit themselves against the elemental forces of good and evil: angels, demons, a Japanese monster, 1/7 of the Deadly Sins, talking pets . . . and even a morally ambiguous twin sister gets thrown into the mix.

In order to stay alive, Erik must deal with his terrible past and the secrets of his family. And he must never forget the most important rule of his twisted world: Nothing is ever what it seems.

Author Bio:

Ryan Attard had one thing that distinguished him from the rest of his fan-fiction writing circle of friends: No matter how hard he tried, he would always throw an original character and a unique plot twist that would drive his hardcore geeky friends up a wall.

It wasn't long until Ryan found himself writing about the things he loved; magic, pissed off wizards, supernatural creatures, epic battles and all round badassery. Add to this a blend of satire, sarcasm, humour at the cost of the protagonist and a semi-original view point of the world of magic and mysticism in the 21th century and one can see the inner workings of this author's mind at work.

Nowadays Ryan divides his time between attempting to live a normal student life, writing the second book of the Legacy series as well as for other projects and ruling over his imaginative worlds as a malicious god.

Check out the chapters then get the book for more of Amaymon, the delightful, arrogant, controlling, perverted, sarcastic demon who loves nothing more than tormenting Erik

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Here is Ryan's blog: enkousama.blogspot.com


  1. WOOT!!!!! I know he's my character but I'm squealing like a little girl here. Love the pic's. Great job Cloey

  2. Thanks Ryan. It was an awesome interview! Your book looks like a very good read too.