Wednesday, February 27, 2013

J.E. Nicassio

J.E. Nicassio


Book Description:

MOONDUST is a sci-fi adventure that begins when Samantha Hunter is the only survivor of a car crash that claims the life of her mother and younger brother, Cody. Although her car accident wounds are healed by a mysterious stranger, Samantha is haunted by the knowledge that the accident was her fault. When she and her father move to New Mexico, it is a chance to get away from the bittersweet memories of her family, and start over new. However, the arrival of a pale, dark haired stranger into her life changes everything. The stranger, a boy named Lucien, introduces Sam to the hidden world of real-life aliens. Romance and adventure follow Sam in her new life as she works to decipher her complicated alien-human relationship, and a underground covert organization who wants to discover what connects her to this strange alien boy.

Author Bio:

The author resides in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her sons, three cats, and dog. There you'll find her writing, stargazing, or relaxing in front of a bon-fire. When attending Chatham University for her masters in professional writing, she rediscovered a passion for writing. J.E is a clairvoyant with a strong belief in the power of positive thinking. "All you have to do is believe, and all your dreams can come true."

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  1. Aliens? Superpowers? Romance? Sounds more then interesting. :D

  2. Sounds like a great concept and read! Btw, I tried to write to you via your website re our similar themes (re aliens), our similar roots (I'm originally from Monaca in Beaver County), and a photo my wife took on Pikes Peak that might interest you (re your MUFON activities), but the site wouldn't accept the message. Oh well...

    Good luck with writing, marketing, and everything else!

    Best wishes,

    J. Perry Kelly

    Ps. Isn't Cloey wonderful?!!!

  3. Hello J. Perry...
    You can drop me a line via my email.