Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lilith (Twin Soul Novels)

Lilith (Twin Soul Novels) (Book One) by Victoria Limbert

I absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down. You have got to read this one.

Warning! There is action, sex, lust, darkness, and a lot of pain going on in V.R. Limbert's debut novel...

When Lilith, one of the strongest demons in Hell tried to possess Annette she refused to allow Lilith to push her soul from her body and forced her to coexist in her human one. I know, a human with two souls living in her body... different right? I loved the dialogue between Lilith and Annette and found myself laughing out loud at times.

Oh, yes and did I tell you Annette is no joke and is a badass with an attitude?

Give this novel a chance and get ready to meet sexy demons, humans, and vampires with a perfect mix of sex, pain, hope, love and darkness in a page turner. Keep your eyes on Limbert she is new on the scene and is only going to get better with each new novel. Once she teams up with a good editor there will be no stopping her. I can't wait to read the next one.

Check out the overview...

After a traumatic event suffered at a young age, Annette Anderson believes she had been cursed with the 'Sight'. The ability to see the Hellworlds and demon souls drove her in to a world of sin and sex, attracting the unwanted attention of the Underground. After months of torture, the She-demon, Lilith, attempted to take Annette's body and drive out her human soul. Unexpectedly, Annette's soul fought back, trapping Lilith, leaving them to reside together on a shaky truce.

Along with the help of Michael Daltry, a detective with the Metropolitan Police and Rowan, a demon ordered to protect them, Annette and Lilith must work together to uncover the reasons behind a spate of grisly murders that has hit the the busy city of London.

If they fail, it will truly be Hell on Earth!
Lilith (Twin Soul Novels) 


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