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Robert Poulin

Guest Post by Robert Poulin

The Feast (cut from Death Toll Prologue)

The following section was cut from Death Toll's Prologue due to it being too much of a side event. The scene is alluded to in the final section of the Prologue and did occur, off camera...

"What are you doing?" demanded the old witch.

"I'm looking for a place to eat and rest," Jezebel retorted petulantly as she eased the Expedition off the I-95 exit ramp going West. "We aren't going to strike the wizards during the day, are we?"

A faint glow was showing on the Eastern horizon, hinting at a gloriously sunny winter day in New England. Bridget Bishop rode in the passenger seat, her old wrinkled face was scrunched up in a frown of intense displeasure. Jezebel's pack mates, Darlene and Kendra, road in the back seats immediately behind her and the witch. Behind them, in the rear of the Expedition, rode the three silent, and unmoving aberrant vampires. Jezebel figured that they were still an hour from Providence. The delay in their trip was due to construction and an accident in the vicinity of New York City. It would be light by the time they reached the city.

"Fine," the old crone finally conceded with bad grace. "But you took the wrong exit. This is farm country. There were no signs for hotels and restaurants."

"Farm country will fill our needs perfectly," Jezebel replied, a feral smile crossing her beautiful features. Her fantasies had been a constant companion through the night’s long travails, and a thrill of anticipation shot through her at the thought of sating the hunger that had grown stronger and stronger by the hour. The slumbering beast within her stirred at her growing excitement.

"We cannot do anything that would bring attention to us before we've fulfilled our mission," the witch said admonishingly.

"We are less likely to be noticed out here than we are at a restaurant," Jezebel replied, watching the passing landscape carefully as the Expedition flew down the deserted two lane road. "I sense your vampires hunger. Do you think that it would go unnoticed if they looked more hungrily at the waitresses than their hamburgers?"

As if to punctuate her statement, the three vampires all stirred, turning their cold eyes towards the crone. Bishop relented, though she showed no sign of fear or worry at the vampires sudden scrutiny.

They rode on for another ten minutes before Jezebel pulled the Expedition into a sudden and violent u-turn. Bishop cursed loudly while Jezebel laughed in pleasure; her beast was fully awake now as were those of her pack mates. They traveled back the way they'd come for two more minutes before Jezebel turned the vehicle down a long dirt driveway.

There were no other houses near the lone farmhouse. It lay a good distance from the main thoroughfare and was in good repair. A large barn stood near the house, and a score of cows were already grazing in the pasture. Jezebel brought the Expedition to a stop next to a beat up faded blue Impale. There were a half dozen bicycles of various sizes neatly stored in an open shed just ahead. A tricked out Harley was parked near the shed, a pick-up truck stood guard near the motorcycle. A gaggle of dogs were raising a hellish din as they dashed toward the Expedition.

Jezebel put the vehicle in park and cut the engine. She unbuckled her seat belt and opened the driver side door. The dogs came to greet her, but when she met them with a menacing growl they all fled, tails between their legs and whining. Even the Pit Bull and German Shepherd were completely cowed by the beast they sensed lurking inside the statuesque Jezebel. As she approached the farmhouse, she heard her companions exit the vehicle and spread out into the shadowed gloom. When she was still a couple of dozen feet from the the house, the front door burst open and a tall sandy haired man stepped out. He had blue eyes, a neatly trimmed mustache, and a muscular body that strained against the tight jeans and t-shirt that he wore.

"How can I help you," he asked in a deep and cautious voice as he came down the stairs to stand between Jezebel and his home. He looked around but apparently her companions had hidden themselves well enough to avoid notice. "Are you lost?"

"No," Jezebel said with a smile. "We're hungry."

The man stared at her in confusion for a moment, and with a sudden fluid motion she pulled her own t-shirt off.

"What...what are you doing?" the man asked in flustered consternation.

"I'm hungry," Jezebel repeated as she undid the clasp of her bra and let it fall to the ground. The man gaped at her luscious breasts and his brain seemed to be working in slow motion as he tried to comprehend what was happening. Jezebel's smile widened as she kicked off her shoes and unfastened her jeans and began wriggling out of them. Men were so predictable. Even when being stalked by predators, they couldn't pass up a chance to stare at a pair of nice tits.

As Jezebel finally pulled herself free of her jeans, a baby began to wail inside. The noise seemed to remind the man of his family, and he shook his head and started to turn for the house.

"I'm ...I'm sorry, but we can't help you."

"Wait," Jezebel implored, as she held her fingers inside the waist of her g-string panties, ready to pull them off. "Don't you want to see the rest?"

The man hesitated and slowly turned back to her. She removed the panties and started stalking slowly towards him. When she was just an arms length from him, the front door opened again and a tired but attractive woman stepped out holding the crying baby. Behind her, the heads of two pubescent children poked out to get a view of the scene.

"Sam!" the woman said sternly. "What is going on here?"

With an obvious effort of will, Sam forced himself to turn away from Jezebel.

"I don't know honey," Sam said in a somewhat choked voice. "I think something bad happened to this lady. Maybe she's a runaway or something. She isn't making sense. She says she's hungry, but for some reason she's been taking her clothes off."

"Why don't you go call the sheriff Sam," the woman said, giving Jezebel a disapproving stare. "I’ll keep an eye on her."

Jezebel instantly hated the woman and wanted very badly to rip her throat out, but her lust was up right now, and she wanted Sam far more than she wanted his cunt wife.

"Sam is mine," Jezebel said and both Sam and his wife froze, thinking that she was speaking to them. She was speaking to her companions who'd remained hidden in the shadows while Jezebel played with the farmer. "Darlene and Kendra, you can have your fill of the cows. Your vampires can have the rest of the family Bishop, but Sam is mine."

Sam's wife screamed as a female vampire suddenly appeared at her side and snatched the bawling infant from her arms. As the woman tried to struggle with the baby snatcher, a second vampire appeared and pulled her into the house. From the sounds of it, the third vampire was already inside, where it was playing hide and seek with the two older children. Sam tried to reach his wife to help her, but Jezebel grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground. Sam's eyes bulged as he fought for breath and the naked Jezebel sat astride his loins.

"You're mine," she repeated as she slowly began to tear his t-shirt away with her extended claws. As she peeled the shirt off she left glistening, bloody trails across his muscular torso. He tried to throw her off, but he was no match for her preternatural strength. "You and I are going to fuck like wild animals, and then I'm going to eat you!"

As Jezebel reenacted her fantasies, the cows began to scream in terror as they became aware of the two huge hyenas stalking them in the nearby pasture. Inside the house, the screams didn't last long, the vampires apparently fed quickly and efficiently. The old crone, Bridget Bishop of Salem, watched the scene unfold, her eyes gleamed rapturously in their sunken sockets and the screams of horror and pleasure were momentarily downed out by her maniacal laughter.

Wail of the Banshees
Ghost Wars Saga Book One

Robert Poulin

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Publisher: Ghost Watch Publishing 
Date of Publication: June 19, 2013

mobi: ISBN: 0989446905
Print: ISBN13: 9780989446907 
epub: 9780989446921 
mobi: B00DH7JQNK 

Cover Artist: Hannah Carr

Amazon Smashwords BN Kobo


My name is Veronika Kane and dying, dying was just the beginning.

How was I supposed to know that getting smashed on my 21st birthday would lead me to becoming the 9th victim of a serial killer that’s been stalking Philadelphia’s streets for months? Now I’m a ghost and unlife is pretty scary. Reapers, wraiths, ghouls, gargoyles: all of the monsters that I thought were storybook characters are real! On top of it all, the powers that be in the ghost world want to enslave me and use me in their own diabolical plot to manipulate the people of the living world. Too bad I didn’t turn out to be the kind of ghost they wanted me to be, and I’m not about to let them turn me into one of their puppets. These ghosts are responsible for my murder and the murders of eight other women.

A rebellion is coming, and the ghosts that run this place are about to find out just how big a mistake they made when they had me killed.

My name is Veronika Kane and being murdered isn't the end of my story.

Wail of the Banshees is an Urban Fantasy Novel and the first book in the exciting Ghost Wars saga which features paranormal horror and action set in living Philadelphia and the ghostly world of Limbo.

About the Author:

Robert Poulin was born and raised in the New England state of Connecticut. After spending his late teenage years in Boca Raton Florida, Robert moved to upstate New York where he lived with his uncle Wilbrod Poulin and attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

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