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Ellie Heller

An interview with Ellie Heller

An interview with Ellie Heller...

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Ellie: I've been writing bits of stories and character sketches for as long as I can remember.

Cloey: What inspired you to write A Matter of Fate?

Ellie: I wrote this story in part due to laziness. It's true! The original novel I wrote in the world I created was too long, too filled with back story and filler as I worked out how magic worked. So much so that editing it out would have been a nightmare. Instead I decided to write a new story, paralleling the original one.

Cloey: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Ellie: There's the idea that sometimes you just have to buck up and do what you've got to do. The execution of this can be fun or it can be horrifying, but shirking the responsibility is not an option.

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character to develop and why?

Ellie: My favorite is the Puck, because he's a hoot to write. My least favorite was the 'bad guy', because I don't do horror and there's definitely an element of horror in the final scene. Or at least I thought so, but then again, I don't 'do' horror.

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing A Matter of Fate?

Ellie: The interactions between Mona and Cart were a lot of fun, in part because Mona is determinedly clueless.

Cloey: What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life?

Ellie: In addition to having to deal with the horror element at the end I did a fair amount of logistical research on the area and places where certain events could occur. Some of them I've visited on road trips with my family, others I've used search engine images to help me visualize.

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Ellie: I have a follow-up novel featuring the new leader of the Buffalo pack, Averill, in the works.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time?

Ellie: I read fantasy and mystery as well as paranormal and regency romance.

Cloey: Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you)

Ellie: I love to track winter storms, going so far as to read through the various forecast models and joining online discussion groups to come up with my own analysis. I'm entirely self-taught, so there definitely some of the more technical stuff that's over my head. For a while I was the 'weather guru' for a small online community because of my predilection. I stopped when I moved several states away.

Cloey: Thank you so much for interviewing with me and sharing A Matter of Fate with us today it sounds like a good read. And Tracking storms sounds like a pretty cool hobby too.

A Matter of Fate
Ellie Heller

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Book Description:

Someone is setting death-spells targeting mortals and elf blood alike. With her mentor out of commission, it’s up to half-trained Warder Mona Lisa Kubrek to stop the magic. Despite being told repeatedly her job is to nullify spells and not go after the source, too many people are at risk for her to not track the spell-caster down. Even meeting a sexy half-elf shifter won’t distract her from her goal.

Except Cart Dupree is fully trained and has the team to search for the evildoer, so she’d be stupid to not use his expertise. Stupid is something she can’t afford to be, not with her enemy’s henchmen after her. Later she’ll deal with Cart and his questions about her special abilities and the non-standard training her mentor has given her. Right now, they need to unravel where the magician is, and who he is, before he builds enough power to decimate them all.

First, though, they need to stay alive.

About the Author

After living in several cities east of the Mississippi, but never quite out of the snow belt, I've settled down in SW Ohio with my three kids, two dogs (one of whom thinks he's a cat) and one cat (who thinks he's a dog).

I write paranormal romance and contemporary fantasy, all with a suspenseful edge. A MATTER OF FATE, a 'traditional' paranormal romance, will be available this spring from Crimson Romance. My first published short (GLBT sensual), "Ginny's Capture" is available now.

I'm also an acquisitions editor (i.e. slush reader :-) ) for Curiosity Quills Press using my full first name, Alison.


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