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Elise Sax

Guest blog post by Elise Sax


By Elise Sax

I want to be fast. Not like running fast but like writing fast.

I know writers who write 5000, even 10,000 words a day. They can write an entire book in less than a month! I have no idea how they do this, but I ask them every chance I get.

Here’s what they tell me: They sit down and WRITE. There’s no such thing as writer’s block, they assure me. Hmmm…well, that sounds easy enough. So, I sit down at my keyboard and wait for the magic to come.

Sometimes I have to wait a long time.

I don’t know what those other writers are talking about. In my case, writer’s block definitely exists. I urge my fingers to start typing. Make words! I plead with them. Write something!

Yeah, sometimes I have to wait a really long time.

But in my case, muses also definitely exist. They whisper or yell at me at the oddest moments—when I’m washing dishes, when I’m taking the dog for a walk, when I’m in the shower. And then the words flow.

All of a sudden, I know how the scene should go, what words to start it with, and then my fingers have a life of their own. Suddenly I write fast, like wildfire. I become transported into the story so deeply that I don’t sense the passing of time.

Then just as suddenly, I slow down and find myself once again staring at the monitor, my fingers unmoving.

I write in spurts.

So, unlike many writers, there is no daily word count for me. One day the count is way up; one day the count is way down. I don’t know how many other spurts writers there are out there, but I have a feeling I’m not alone.

I wish these spurts of productivity were longer, and I was writing huge numbers of words day in and day out. Who know, maybe they will. There are many paths to creativity. Short, long, some marked with starts and stops. There’s more than one to skin a cat, and it seems there’s more than one way to write a book.

But I wish I was fast.

An Affair to Dismember
The Matchmaker Series, Book One
Elise Sax

Genre: Comedic romantic mystery
Publisher: Ballantine (Random House)

ISBN: 978-0345532220

Book Trailer:

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Book Description:

Certain to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Crusie, and Katie MacAlister, Elise Sax’s hilarious series debut introduces matchmaker-in-training Gladie Burger, who stumbles into a dangerous quagmire of murder and red-hot romance.

Three months has been Gladie Burger’s limit when it comes to staying in one place. That’s why Gladie is more than a little skeptical when her eccentric Grandma Zelda recruits her to the family’s matchmaking business in the quaint small town of Cannes, California. What’s more, Gladie is also highly unqualified, having a terrible track record with romance. Still, Zelda is convinced that her granddaughter has “the gift.” But when the going gets tough, Gladie wonders if this gift has a return policy.

When Zelda’s neighbor drops dead in his kitchen, Gladie is swept into his bizarre family’s drama. Despite warnings from the (distractingly gorgeous) chief of police to steer clear of his investigation, Gladie is out to prove that her neighbor’s death was murder. It’s not too long before she’s in way over her head—with the hunky police chief, a dysfunctional family full of possible killers, and yet another mysterious and handsome man, whose attentions she’s unable to ignore. Gladie is clearly being pursued—either by true love or by a murderer. Who will catch her first? 

Praise for An Affair to Dismember 

“Elise Sax’s new Matchmaker series is off to a rousing start! . . . Sax gives the comic mystery genre a new spin. . . . A fun read sure to entertain.”—RT Book Reviews

“Fans of laugh-out-loud romantic suspense will enjoy this new author as she joins the ranks of Janet Evanovich, Katie MacAllister, and Jennifer Crusie.”—Booklist

“Elise Sax will win your heart.”—New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis

“In the tradition of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, Elise Sax’s new novel is a funny, sexy ride.”—Valerie Frankel, author of Four of a Kind

“What a fun book! It will leave readers begging for more.”—Kim Gruenenfelder, author of There’s Cake in My Future

About the Author:

Elise Sax worked as a journalist for fifteen years, mostly in Paris, France. She took a detour from journalism and became a private investigator before trying her hand at writing fiction. She lives in Southern California with her two sons. An Affair to Dismember, the first in the Matchmaker mystery series, is her first novel.

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