Friday, March 29, 2013

The app Vine

Vine is my new favorite app.

Okay, so, this week I've been playing with the Vine app on my phone. Vine gives us 6.5 seconds to record life as it happens - but you must be over 17 to play. And. It's. AWESOME!

When I signed up, the app took my Twitter profile and used it to set up my Vine account... easy. Once my accound was set up I could watch other videos like the Editor's Picks, Popular Now, and several other categories available... sweet! I can also follow or unfollow other users too. Finding friends is easy because the app will search Twitter and my address book, and I may also search Vine... easy peasy.

Here is my first week in review at Cloey's:

First I made a 6 sec video, secondly I tweeted it, and finally, I present it here for you to view at Cloey's. Lookout because once I get comfortable I will be recording and saving a lot of funny footage on Vine - what an awesome app!


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