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Christy Gissendaner

An interview with Christy Gissendaner

Hi Christy, thank you for stopping by and sharing A Touch of Sin with us today. I love romances with a kick and it looks like A Touch of Sin fits right in. Let's get right to the interview so that we may learn more about your writing process and A Touch of Sin.

Cloey: When did you become interested in writing?

Christy: I’ve always loved to write, even as a young child. When I was a pre-teen I developed an interest in Harlequins and I soon started filling notebooks with my own stories. Soon I was writing romances for my younger cousins. It wasn’t until college that I decided to give publication a shot.

Cloey: What inspired you to write A Touch of Sin?

Christy: I actually wrote A Touch of Sin several years ago in response to a submission call. It was published as a short and included in an anthology centering on deities. A few months ago, I totally revamped the story and added about thirty thousand words. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out!

Cloey: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Christy: Karaoke plays a major role in the beginning of this book. It’s my hope that readers enjoy the glimpse into my love of music and karaoke.

Cloey: Who was your favorite character and who was your least favorite character to develop and why?

Christy: I know he’s just a minor in A Touch of Sin, but my were-bear Hal (the heroine’s best friend) almost steals the show. I’m currently writing his story now. The villain was probably my least favorite…for obvious reasons!

Cloey: What did you enjoy most about writing A Touch of Sin?

Christy: The fictional setting of Lakeview is loosely based on my hometown. I enjoyed bringing a whole world to life based on familiar themes and places.

Cloey:  What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the story to life?

Christy: Is it wrong of me to say there wasn’t many challenges? But if I had to pick something, it would probably be taking an already written story, picking it apart, and then adding completely new scenes and characters.

Cloey: What are you working on now?

Christy: I’ve mentioned it already, but I’m wrapping up Some Kind of Trouble, book two in the Out of Bounds series.

Cloey: What do you like to read in your free time?

Christy: Free time? (scratching head) What is that? LOL! My tastes have been changing lately and I’m currently trying lots of new authors and genres. Ann Gimpel and her mountain-climbing romances are filling my Nook. Rosanna Leo and her sexy Greek gods are another recent favorite of mine.

Cloey: Share with us something about yourself that we wouldn't see in your bio or on any other blogs (this can be anything from the type of music you like, your favorite color, or even your favorite meal - share whatever you want your fans to know about you)

Christy: Wow...I’m such an open book. Let’s see if I can condense “Christy” into a few sentences.

I love the color pink. As for music, I love oldies and pop rock. I’m addicted to pickles and jalepeno-stuffed olives. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda, but I can guzzle a gallon of orange juice in a day all by myself!

I’m left-handed, but mostly ambidextrous. I love roller coasters, but hate heights. My favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve. I work full-time, have three young sons, and consider naps a luxury!

Great interview and thanks for having me, Cloey!

Cloey: Thank you so much for sharing with us today. I can't wait to read A Touch of Sin.

A Touch of Sin
Out of Bounds Book One
Christy Gissendaner

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Purchase Links:,

Book Description:

Julie Hendricks is a thirty-year-old workaholic who goes to her friend’s bar to meet him for a drink. It’s her first night out in years, and she envisions a normal evening. Instead, she meets Sin, a sexy karaoke DJ who’s not what he seems, and her idea of normal goes completely out the window.

Sin is actually Taliesin, the Welsh god of music and wisdom. For fun, he helps his old college football buddy at the local bar, Out of Bounds. His buddy’s prim friend captures his attention, and he soon reveals more of himself than he usually does.

Julie's attraction to Sin is immediate, even though she doubts she could ever please a god. When her friend’s business is threatened, Julie must help hunt down the enemy while resisting falling in love with the dangerously intriguing Sin.

About the Author:

Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand.

Christy lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons. She’s always hard at work on her next novel, but in her spare time she loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation!

To find out more, please visit

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