Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perchance To Dream

Perchance To Dream by Peter Lukes

Now this is a good science fiction read

I see that some people are comparing this book to the Matrix please stop. There is nothing in this book that can be compared to the Matrix but I will give you something to think about. If the movies Dreamscape and Inception had a baby it's name would be Perchance to Dream.   This story takes the best of both worlds and adds to them in a most interesting way.

I like the story world created by Peter Lukes. He did a great job creating a complicated world full of layers that didn't lose the reader. Manuel proves to be more then the best of the best and my desire to see him develop as a character kept me turning the pages. 

I believe that this book could be a good start to one of those series that last several years and have a cult following. I liked the story and the many conspiracies going on and lukes leaves it open for continuation. I am looking forward to reading the next one.


The Boston Police Sub-Net unit is an experimental department that lets cops invade the subconscious minds of criminals via their dreams, where they unearth criminal plans and gather information. In the Net, special dream cops can fly, conjure weapons, fight like a martial arts master, and render themselves indestructible.

Officer Manuel Corr is the best of the best. Until one night while on patrol, when the dream world around him suddenly collapses. Trapped in an ever-changing dreamscape that he no longer controls, he must fight his way back to reality. To make matters worse, the people who were once his criminal targets have turned the tables on him, and the world of dreams becomes a nightmare he can’t wake up from.

Manuel discovers that an organized crime network has taken over the Sub-Net, and if they can’t recruit him, they want him dead.

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