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C. K. Jackson

Introducing C. K. Jackson's Kathy Abbott, a short story ...

This story is flying off the shelf with over 300 downloads and counting. Kathy Abbott is a story about an event that changes Kathy's life forever. You can download it FREE in your preferred format at smashwords or buy it at amazon so that the author may apply the earnings towards her editing costs for the highly anticipated sequel. Read the excerpt and if you want to read more download the full story. Enjoy! 

Kathy Abbott
C. K. Jackson

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Romance

Published: July 23, 2016
Words: 3,540
Language: English
ISBN: 9781370300068

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Kathy Abbott’s story is the first event in a series of events that changes her life forever.

Kathy is a character in the Regulator Series. The series follows the lives of a group of gifted people who resides in the fictional town of Gull Village. The year that six girls disappeared, the Gull Village Division of the Regulators was formed and a race to stop an ancient evil began.

The Regulator Series is an urban fantasy thriller for readers ages eighteen and older. As the series progress so does the intensity.


Kathy peels the grapefruit like an orange. Juice drips onto the pile of paper towels laying on the table in front of her, reminding her once again why she is tired of eating them. She’s been eating them twice a day for the past two weeks hoping that she’ll soon fit into her favorite jeans again. Still, they are messy and she’s growing tired of the taste. When she finishes the fruit, she walks over to the trash bin to toss it out. The door opens just as the grapefruit hits the bottom of the can and she turns to see Robyn enter the room.

“Hey Robyn. Come and sit for a while. Are you on break?” She points to the table under the window. “My table’s over there.”

Robyn smiles. “I just need more coffee before getting started on the shelves. I’m checking expiration dates today. Sucks to be me right now. What are you doing? Still eating those grapefruits, huh? You’re gonna turn into one of them one day.”

Kathy giggles. “I thought I’d eat my grapefruit before the silver rush.” Each morning at eleven o’clock the local senior center drops off a busload of participants to do their grocery shopping. Like clockwork everything slows to a crawl in order to accommodate them. Kathy smiles while bouncing in her seat. “I can’t wait to end this day already.”

“You’re way too happy today girl. What’s going on? And don’t tell me it’s because of your vacation, either,” Robyn says.

“I was just thinking about my date tonight. Between that and my vacation, I’m ready to go home,” Kathy replies. She feels as if she is walking on air and hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her date all week.

“Oh shit, that’s tonight! I almost forgot,” Robyn says. “You still didn’t tell me who Mr. Sexy is, though. When’s the big reveal? And don’t bullshit me, because I’m not in the mood.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll let you know after our date because I don’t want to get you all excited only to find out he’s an asshole … or that our first date is our last. That would be horrible. You may need to wait until I get back from vacation to hear the dirty little details, though. I’m planning on locking us in a room for the next five days.”

“I hear that, girl. Okay, I’ll be patient but not too patient, so you just make sure to tell me everything first. I’ll be pissed if I see it on Facebook before hearing it from you.” Robyn sips her coffee and nods to the clock. “Don’t be late getting back to your register.”

“I know. I’ve already been written up once this month for being late. See you later.” Kathy gets up and walks out of the room.

At five foot five, Kathy is not model beautiful, but she’s pretty. She doesn’t have much of a nightlife but, when she does go out on an occasional date, she tells Robyn all the juicy details. This time she hopes to share the news that she is in a committed relationship. All she wants is a boyfriend who loves her and her new boyfriend is the first guy she’s dated who understands her. When she talks, Clint listens. He remembers their conversations, no matter how silly they might be. Clint takes the time to cheer her up when she’s upset and he never look for ways to end their calls until she’s ready to end them. He is kind and patient, and she likes that about him. For now, though, they’re keeping their relationship a secret. It’s not like he’s cheating on a wife or a girlfriend; she’s asked him those questions already. No, they agreed to surprise their friends and families with the news together.

Tonight is important for them. It’s not like one of their usual dates and since it’s their first time meeting in person she has gone to a lot of effort to look good. She’s had her hair cut and, in the last week, she has perfected a new eyeliner style. Both have worked to bring out her best feature, her incredibly light-brown eyes. Even her nails and toes are painted with his favorite colors. Everything she’s wearing is new, down to her panties. He’s special, and she wants him to know it; she has never gone this far to please someone. She pulls on her coat, picks up her keys, grabs her handbag, takes one last look at her clean apartment, and walks out to her car.


About the Author

C. K. Jackson Lives in New Jersey with her husband and a family of groundhogs who resides in their backyard. She has a degree in accounting and loves to read in the genres of paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, thrillers, and romance … to name a few.





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