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Shanyn Hosier

Guest Post by Shanyn Hosier

ESP, Quantum Entanglement, and the Multiverse

*Caveat emptor: I am no expert in physics! I might have this all wrong…

"The universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine." – Sir James Jeans

Let me first say I am a skeptic of ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) claims. I strongly believe scientific, rational explanations are more plausible than supernatural ones. But it's interesting to note that many of the kinds of things claimed by ESP folk—telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and the like—don't necessarily contradict the rules of physics!

Psi, a term often used by ESP proponents, is defined as the general process of information and/or energy transfer. (1) According to Dean Radin, a psi-phenomenon researcher, words for ESP exist in every language. (2) "Magic" has always been a part of the human worldview.

If we think of thought and consciousness as forms of energy, a wave if you will, then like all waves, thoughts might be able to interact with other forms of energy to produce observable effects. Therefore ESP does not necessarily violate the laws of thermodynamics. A psychic must input thought energy into a system to alter it.

Quantum entanglement is when the quantum states of constituent objects (particles, waves, or bits of information, depending on your perspective) are linked together in "a kind of telepathic link that transcends space and time." (3) One particle can no longer be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart, even if they are spacially separated. The opposite of entanglement is decoherence, or the non-permanence of that link.

At any given moment, some of our particles are entangled with our surroundings. Some are entangled with those we love, no matter the time or distance separating us. But many more are connected to every other particle that crosses our paths, usually for just an instant. This decoherence is why we perceive the matter around us to have sharp edges, not blurry ones. (3)

Much of quantum mechanics involves symmetry. By manipulating one aspect of the system, through entangled quantum states, another separate-but-connected phenomenon may be affected. This is the basis for the concept of quantum computers. (4) Dean Radin takes it a step further, claiming, "Psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality."

What about people who claim to see the future? It just might be possible, if the Multiverse theory is true. Before this theory, scientists thought reality consisted of a single, unfolding history. But Hugh Everett claimed in 1957 that an infinite number of universes branch off from each other, and everything that could ever possibly happen did. If these alternate realities can be visualized, their statistical probabilities somehow sensed, it might look to us like a form of precognition.

In the realm of quantum mechanics, all possibilities exist at once. Observables are indeterminate until a physical intervention to measure them is introduced. The act of observing alters the results. Merely looking at something determines its present and significantly impacts its future. Therefore the experiencers of reality are also its selectors. (cue Twilight Zone music…)

"Genesis occurs repeatedly in a timeless ocean of Nirvana" — Michio Kaku (5)



(2) "Entangled Minds" by Dean Radin. His website:



(5) "Parallel Worlds" by Michio Kaku. His website:

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