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T. F. Walsh

Guest Blog Post and Excerpt by T.F. Walsh

Thanks for having me to your blog today.

I have always had a fascination with werewolves and I love reading about and watching as many werewolf related stories as I can. When I'm reviewing critique partner stories or even reviewing my own writing, I often like to curl up on the couch and put a favourite werewolf movie on in the background. I've watched them so many times, that they no longer distract me and actually serve to block out other distractions. My 10 favourite movies with werewolves are:

Underworld - I cannot watch this movie enough, Selina may not be a werewolf but she is a wonderful female heroine and the werewolves are just amazing.

Ginger Snaps - I love the unique take on the werewolf curse in this movie and it gives a new meaning to that time of the month.

An American Werewolf in London - It may be a bit camp but I love the detail in the transformation scene, one day I want to travel to Britain and visit the moors.

Dog Soldiers - Another unique take on werewolves, I really enjoy the story in this movie and the realistic action. Plus, it scares me a lot!

Red Riding Hood - I'll admit it's not a great movie, but the werewolf lore makes the movie tolerable, and I think Gary Oldman is an amazing actor who I can watch over and over in anything.

The Wolf Man - Surprisingly I like both versions of this movie, the Lon Chaney Jr and the Benecio Del Toro movies. The tragic aspects of both movies always draw me in and captivate me.

The Howling - I think this movie polarises a lot of werewolf movie fans, but I enjoyed is one of those movies I watched over and over growing up. It is a clever take on werewolves and werewolf packs.

Blood and Chocolate - I enjoyed the book and enjoyed the movie even though they are quite different. A strong female protagonist and being set in Romania sounds like a good recipe for a great werewolf story.

Silver Bullet - I'm a big fan of Stephen King, which probably explains my soft spot for this movie. I also enjoy the aspect that who the werewolf is isn't obvious and you have to try to guess as the movie progresses.

Wolfen – And oldie but a goodie. I watched such a long time ago, but it still sticks with me.

Do you have a favorite werewolf movie?

The phone’s strident ringing woke me up, and I glanced over at the bedside clock blazing

5:13 A.M. Too damn early for anything.

Tempted to dive back under the covers, I checked the caller ID: Connell. Crap. The previous night’s events came pouring back: me turning into a wulfkin outside the full moon, running with the pack all night, collecting my keys from the woods, and ditching Connell again. On top of that, I never retrieved the old books for the elixir. Double crap.

I pushed my legs over the edge of the bed, scrunched the sheet in my fist and answered the call. “Hi.”

“Where are you?” The panic in his voice turned my stomach.

“At home.”

“What happened to you last night?”

My throat dried up as my mind whirred with excuses. “I uncovered something in my research and got stuck into it, not realizing it was past midnight when I checked the clock. I didn’t want to wake you and went straight home. I’m sorry.”

“I suspected you wouldn’t come. Looks like I was right.”

“Come on, Connell, give me a break. I’m working on something majorly important.

When you’re on a case and spend nights in the office, I don’t give you shit about it.”

“That’s not what pisses me off. It’s that you never tell me anything. Send me a message if you’re going to be late or not turn up, anything to let me know what’s going on. It feels like you’re only staying with me on until something better comes along.”

“That’s not true. I only want you.”


I lowered my head and stared at the dirt beneath my toenails from the previous night’s run.

“I don’t want to talk about this now,” he said. “We found two more bodies this morning. The victims were located on the opposite sides of the city.” He paused. “Why would a wolf bolt across the city after a kill? They attack in packs, don’t they?”

A shiver rippled down my spine, the possibility of two more dracwulf kills made me furious. There was no convincing myself the attacks weren’t related to the others; I felt the truth in my gut. Worse yet, I wondered whether the dracwulf was simply hungry or territorial, and Sandulf had to know. I flopped onto the bed and curled into a ball.

When I gave no response, Connell continued. “I need you to review the reports from the previous attacks today and visit the new scenes to see if you believe it's the same animal.”

I cringed at the innocent wolves who could lose their lives over Sandulf’s stupidity.

“Your team can test the evidence and see if it’s the same predator without me.”

“We have limited testing resources in this country, so we need your expertise to move things along.”

The way he said “your” sounded full of contempt, and it pained me to hear him talk like that.

“The chief wants a hunting party issued this weekend, preferably with Romania’s Animal Research Institute’s approval. He’s already spoken with your boss, Vasile.”

I climbed up and paced the room, shaking my head. Typical Vasile to agree to anything the cops asked.

“If I could leave you out of this, I would, but I can’t. Trust me, I tried.”

“I appreciate that. Where should we meet?”

“PiaĊ£a Square. Half an hour?”

“I can do that.”

He hung up.

A snarl ripped past my throat at the terrible start to the day. Who could blame Connell for being upset? I’d be livid if he kept avoiding me.

I threw on a pair of Levi’s, boots, and a gray hooded top. The bathroom mirror reflected gray wolf eyes from my recent transformation, and already the silvery color was fading into a darker shade. I pulled every strand of my nest-style hair into a ponytail and rushed outside into the morning twilight.

Cloaked in Fur
T.F. Walsh

Genre: Paranormal Suspense with strong romance elements

Publisher: Crimson Romance
Date of Publication: August 5, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4405-7161-9

Cover Artist: Stephanie Hannus

Book Description:

As a moonwulf, Daciana never expected to fall in love with a human. Hell, she never imagined that she’d abandon her pack, endanger everyone around her, and break the worst rule possible. But she did.

A rogue werewolf is killing Daciana’s friends, and she sets on capturing the creature. She’ll do whatever it takes to stop the beast. The police and her boyfriend, Inspector Connell Lonescu, are starting to question her involvement in the murders, which is endangering the pack’s secret existence. But when the pack alpha kidnaps Connell, revealing the awful truth about the creature and its connection to the pack, Daciana must choose between saving the man she loves and saving her pack family from certain death.


About the Author:

T.F. Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband. Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she's always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.





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