Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking is an entertaining start of the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. When looking back at this book I thought of a good lead-in to a very bad joke - there was a Witch, a Vampire, and a Pixy... how funny is that? Kim Harrison does a good job bringing Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and the Hollows to life.

When Rachel gets fed up with her job and decides to quit, Ivy and Jenks also decide to quit their jobs too so they may join her in opening a private security agency. Even though Rachel knew that her boss wanted her to quit she never thought that he would get angry and put a hit out on her life. Then she decides that the best way to get rid of the hit is to take down the most wanted criminal that Inderland Security, her previous employer, has on file. And may I say that the criminal happens to be a prominent politician, philanthropist, and also the head of a major drug syndicate? Yea, Rachel has a large amount of work ahead of her if she can stay alive long enough to take down the bad guy. Harrison takes us for a ride on a roller coaster with the threesome fighting hit men and other nasties while keeping their eyes on the prize.

I fell in love with the characters and Harrison did a great job on the story world. This is a good start to the series and I am looking forward to reading her next novel.


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