Tuesday, April 3, 2012

24:01 One Minute After

24:01 One Minute After by Eric Diehl

Looking for stories about nano technology, magic, disembodied souls, space pirates, and aliens along with the weird and crazy?

Look no further, 24:01 One Minute After by Eric Diehl is a well written anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror short stories that will leave you wanting more. Diehl quickly pulls you into his story worlds then guides you through the lives of his characters then leaves your mind asking the questions "what just happened here" or "I didn't see that coming... I've been mind-freaked!" I have always loved a good mind teaser and found a collection of them right here in this book. I didn't want to abandon any story nor did I want to move ahead to the end. The stories are easy to read can be read in less than an hour which makes them perfect for busy schedules. You should read it, you will not be disappointed.

These stories that Diehl wrote based in our reality and beyond are ready for your enjoyment. Do you feel that pull towards the Twilight Zone? I found myself thinking about some of the stories days after I read them wishing they were a full novel and you may do the same. One of the funniest lines of the week came from his story called "The Roots of Fate" but I will let you read it and guess what that line was and when you do Tweet it to me at @CloeyWorld - get the book, enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Check out the Overview…

Can you imagine what your world might be like, One Minute After? A blurring of reality that transcends rational bounds; where every frame of reference has been turned on its head, and visuals are but fleeting reflections in a hall of mirrors?

Venture, then, if you dare, into this anthology of horror, science fiction and fantasy; some dark and some light, but all a challenge to your imagination. We will begin with an experiment in nano-biotechnology gone very wrong, and, if you do not perish in transit, end in a desperate alternate reality on Olde Aearth; emerging with a glimmer of hope ~ justified or not. In between, in those shadowy alcoves and interstitial chambers throughout, you might experience dragons, wizards, hurricanes, or even misadventures in space.

As a caveat, there can be no assurance as to what anyone will encounter, One Minute After. The journey elicits a different experience for each, and not everyone returns whole, or at all.

That said, all are welcome to transcend this unique dimension of faux reality. It could never, after all, thrive as a shell devoid of fear, and to feed that hunger there must be voyeurs within. And so if you are feeling contradictory, adventurous, or just plain foolhardy, please hasten to cross the threshold into the altered timescape of 24:01. Simply pay no mind to the frantic, leaping shadows within, the basso chortle emanating from the darkness close-by, or the clack of the latch falling shut behind...

24:01 One Minute After


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